Unified Development Ordinance, 4th supplement, September 2017

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 9 – 43 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 4 D. Maintenance of Stormwater Control Measures When retention devices, detention devices or wet ponds serve more than 1 lot and are located on private property, a maintenance covenant which complies with Sec. 9.2.2.G.2. for sharing the maintenance costs must be recorded. After approval by the City, a map must be recorded in theWake County Registry, showing the location of the retention device, detention device or wet pond on the lot; the map must bear the following note: " The stormwater control facilities, which serve more than 1 lot, that are not accepted for maintenance by a governmental agency are required by the Raleigh City Code to be owned and maintained by a property owners association for which all lot owners shall be a member.” E. Exemptions 1. The impervious surface coverage limitations and stormwater retention, detention and capture requirements within the secondary water supply watershed protection area of the -UWPOD are inapplicable to any street, right-of-way, lot or improvement if its stormwater runoff flows by gravity to a watercourse located outside the overlay district. All gravity flow drainage plans shall be approved by the Stormwater Utility Division of the Public Works Department. 2. Any lot of record existing prior to October 12, 2008, that does not conform to the area or impervious coverage regulations contained in the schedule of Maximum Impervious Surface Limits in a -UWPOD and Required Measures and which lot contains a dwelling used for single-unit living is exempt from the regulations of this overlay district, except there shall be no exemption if the lot is contiguous to any other lot owned by the same person. Additions and expansions to existing structures shall comply with the requirements of this overlay district, however, impervious surfaces existing prior to the initial application of these regulations shall not be included in the impervious surface coverage calculations. 3. For all lots or portions of lots in existence prior to October 12, 2008 or lots established outside the subdivision process after that date, the impervious surface coverage limitations and stormwater retention, detention and capture requirements within the -UWPOD are inapplicable to any single development that disturbs less than 1 acre. Article 9.5. Watershed Protection Areas | CHAPTER 9. ​NATURAL RESOURCE PROTECTION Sec. 9.5.1. Urban Watershed Protection Overlay District (-UWPOD)