Unified Development Ordinance, 4th supplement, September 2017

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 10 – 10 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 4 CHAPTER 10. ADMINISTRATION | Article 10.2. Review Procedures Sec. 10.2.1. Common Review Procedures 4. Application Deadline Complete applications shall be submitted in accordance with the City’s filing calendar. A calendar indicating submittal dates shall be developed by the Planning and Development Officer each year and shall be maintained and updated by Planning and Development. C. Public Notice Requirements For public notice, meeting and hearing requirements applicable to each procedure, see Sec. 10.1.8. Any defective notification of a required City procedure, not otherwise required by State or Federal law, does not invalidate the proceedings if the defect is determined to be harmless error by the City. 1. Mailed Notice a. Whenever mailed notice is required by Sec. 10.1.8. , at the time of submission of the application, the applicant shall deliver to Planning and Development first class stamped envelopes addressed to the property owners of the property included in the proposed application and the owners of all property within 100 feet on all sides of the subject property at the time of submittal. For zoning map amendments that directly affect more than 50 properties owned by a total of at least 50 different property owners, the applicant may elect to provide mailed notice of the Planning Commission public meeting by postcard instead of first class mail. b. When mailed notice is required for pre-submittal public meetings, the applicant may provide to the City return receipts from the mailing notification by the applicant to the required property owners by certified mail, returned receipt requested. c. Mailed notice shall be provided to all property owners as listed in the Wake County tax records that own property within 100 feet of the application at the time of submittal. Additionally, all property owners in the area of request shall receive mailed notice. In calculating this 100- foot radius, adjacent right-of-way shall not be counted, unless the right- of-way is at least 100 feet in width. d. Mailed notices must be sent to the addressees at least 10 calendar days prior and not more than 25 calendar days prior to the date of any public meeting. Article 10.2. Review Procedures Sec. 10.2.1. Common Review Procedures A. Applicability The following requirements are common to many of the procedures contained in this UDO and apply to applications submitted under this Chapter. Additional details may be included for each specific procedure. B. Application Requirements 1. Initial Application Submittal All applications for development approval shall be submitted in accordance with the requirements of this UDO and shall be filed with Planning and Development. 2. Forms Applications required under this UDO must be submitted, fully completed, on forms and in such numbers as required by the City. For required application forms, as may be found on the City’s web portal, see Sec. 10.2.2. through Sec. 10.2.18. 3. Fees Schedule a. Filing fees have been established to help defray the cost of processing applications. Fees shall be listed in the Development Fee Schedule. The fee schedule is kept on file by Planning and Development and except as otherwise provided in the Development Fee Schedule is updated annually on July 4th based on the average annual prior calendar year United States Department of Labor Consumer Price Index - All Urban consumers and as may be modified from time to time by the City Council. b. Before review of an application, including applications for re-hearings, all filing fees must be paid in full. No refund of the fee or any part of the fee shall be made unless the application is withdrawn prior to a hearing. c. A fee shall not be required if the application is made by the City or any agency created and appointed by the City Council to perform governmental functions.