Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 10 – 9 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 Article 10.1. Review Bodies | CHAPTER 10. ADMINISTRATION Sec. 10.1.8. ​​Summary of Review Authority Sec. 10.1.8. Summary of Review Authority The following table summarizes the review and approval authority of the various review bodies with regard to this UDO. ADMINISTRATION REVIEW BODIES PUBLIC NOTICE APPROVAL PROCESS X- ref City Official Historic Development Commission Appearance Commission Board of Adjustment Planning Commission City Council Neighborhood Meeting Web Site Posted Mailed Published Comprehensive Plan Amendment Sec. 10.2.2. RR RR D-PH Y Y (2) Y (3) Text Amendment to UDO Sec. 10.2.3. RR RR D-PH Y Y (3) Rezoning Map Amendment Sec. 10.2.4. R R (1) RR D-PH Y Y Y (6) Y Y (3) Subdivision Review Sec. 10.2.5. Preliminary Subdivision Plan D R⁽�⁾ Y Y Final Subdivision Plat D Subdivision Waiver R D-QH Y Y Y Subdivisions in an -MPOD (other than single-unit living) R D-QH Y Y Subdivisions in a -HOD-G or -HOD-S or properties with Historic Landmarks R RR D-QH Y Y Other Map Approvals D Y Non-Subdivision Final Plat and Recorded Instruments Sec. 10.2.6. D A-QH Y Plot Plan Review Sec. 10.2.7. D A-QH Site Plan Review Sec. 10.2.8. D A-QH Y Y Special Use Permit Sec. 10.2.9. R D-QH Y Y Y Y Variance Sec. 10.2.10. R D-QH Y Y Y Y Common Signage Plan Sec. 10.2.12. D A-QH Temporary Use Permit Sec. 10.2.13. D A-QH Y Written Interpretation of UDO Sec. 10.2.14. D A-QH Y Y ⁽ 5 ⁾ Y ⁽ 5 ⁾ Certificate of Appropriateness Sec. 10.2.15. Minor D A-QH Y Major R D-QH A-QH Y Y Y Y Historic Landmark Designation Sec. 10.2.16. R R⁽�⁾ D-JH Y Y Y Administrative Alternative Sec. 10.2.17. D RR (4) A-QH Y Y Design Adjustment Sec. 10.2.18. D A-QH Y Y Vested Rights Sec. 10.2.19. R D-QH Y Y Y Y KEY: R = Review RR = Review & Recommendation D = Final Decision A = Appeal PH = Public Hearing QH = Quasi-Judicial Public Hearing JH = Joint Public Hearing with Historic Development Commission Y = Required ⁽�⁾ Historic Development Commission reviews applications in -HOD-G, -HOD-S or properties with Historic Landmarks. ⁽�⁾ Staff to provide mailed notice to non-applicant property owners of proposed future land use map alterations in accordance with Comprehensive Plan. ⁽ 3 ⁾ Published notice is only required for the Public Hearing. ⁽ 4 ⁾ Appearance Commission review as specified in this UDO. ⁽ 5 ⁾ Site posting and mailed notice provided only for written interpretations associated with a specific site plan or subdivision. (6) Site posting is only required for Public Hearing in accordance with Sec. 10.2.1.C.4 .