Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 10 – 28 Effective Date: March 6, 2018 Supp. No. 5 CHAPTER 10. ADMINISTRATION | Article 10.2. Review Procedures Sec. 10.2.5. ​​Subdivision Review i. A written request for an extension has been made to the Planning and Development Officer prior to the expiration period; ii. Unrecorded portions of the preliminary subdivision plan shall conform to all ordinances, laws and City Council resolutions in effect at the time of the requested extension; iii. The preliminary subdivision plan considers and respects the practical limits of public facilities and services such as stormwater, water and sewer lines, streets, fire, public safety and trash collection; iv. The applicant has provided the most recent City of Raleigh inspection report from the PublicWorks Department demonstrating that the site is currently in compliance and that any previously graded or cleared portion of the site which is not currently under construction is currently and appropriately stabilized to prevent erosion and sediment erosion control problems during the requested extension period; and v. No other extension has been granted. c. If all the requirements of Sec. 10.2.5.E.8.b. above are met, the Planning and Development Officer shall permit only one 3-year extension calculated from the date the request for extension is approved by the Planning and Development Officer. F. Final Subdivision Plat Approval Process 1. Applicability a. All divisions of land not exempted in Sec. 10.2.5.B. shall require final subdivision plat approval as set forth below. b. The final subdivision plat shall constitute one or more phases of the approved preliminary subdivision plan. c. Approval of the final subdivision plat shall be subject to the installation, acceptance, warranty and as-built drawing of the improvements required in Chapter 8. Subdivision & Site Plan Standards or the posting of a construction surety as set forth in Sec. 8.1.3. 2. Submittal Requirements a. An application for final subdivision plat approval shall be submitted in accordance with Sec. 10.2.1.B. b. The following forms must be filled out completely in order to process an application for final subdivision plat approval: i. Recorded Map Application; and ii. Recorded Map Checklist. c. The final plat submission shall contain all of the following. i. The inclusion of all required items as provided in the Recorded Map Application, Recorded Map Checklist and any other checklist contained within the final subdivision plat application forms. ii. Compliance with all requirements of N.C. Gen. Stat. §47-30. iii. A metes and bounds description of all required easements. iv. Executed copies of all legal instruments required by the City in association with development approval. v. Posting of a construction surety as set forth in Sec. 8.1.3. for improvements which are not accepted for public maintenance by the City. vi. Tree conservation plats for approved preliminary subdivisions 2 or more acres in size. vii. The final plat and all dedication plats shall contain a ownership certification that certifies and warrants that the undersigned is (are) the sole owner(s) of the property shown on the map or plat and any accompanying sheets having acquired the property in fee simple by deed(s) recorded in the county register of deeds office where the property is located and as such has (have) the right to convey the property in fee simple and that the dedicator(s) hereby agree to warrant and defend the title against any claims of all persons whomsoever excepted as specifically listed herein and that by recording this plat or map I ( we) do irrevocably dedicate to the City of Raleigh for public use all streets, easements, rights-of-way, parks and greenways (as those interests are defined in the City Code) and as the same are shown on the plat for all lawful purposes to which the City may devote or allow the same to use and upon acceptance thereof, in accordance with all City policies, ordinances, regulations or conditions of the City of Raleigh, for the benefit of the public provided any dedication of easements for storm drainage not specifically labeled City of Raleigh or public are not made to the City