Unified Development Ordinance, 5th supplement, March 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 11 – 6 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 2 CHAPTER 11. ​BUILDING AND HOUSING CODE | Article 11.2. Department of Inspections Sec. 11.2.1. Functions and Duties Article 11.2. Department of Inspections Sec. 11.2.1. Functions and Duties A. It shall be the duty of the Department of Inspections to enforce all the provisions of this Chapter; any regulatory and technical codes adopted in this Chapter; Part 12, Chapter 7. Removal and Disposal of Junked and Abandoned Motor Vehicles; Part 12, Chapter 2. Probationary Rental Occupancy Permit and Rental Dwelling Registration and PROP Notification; and Part 12, Chapter 6. Health, Sanitation and Public Nuisances; and to make all inspections necessary to determine the compliance with the provisions and to exercise all duties and powers imposed or given by applicable General Statutes or any other applicable act of the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina. B. All inspectors shall give such bond for the faithful performance of their duties as may be required by the Council. C. The administration and enforcement of this Chapter shall be the duty of the Department of Inspections unless otherwise stated, which department is hereby authorized and directed to take such lawful action as may be necessary to enforce the provisions of this UDO. D. The Department of Inspections, through the appointment of inspectors, shall have the full power, authority and duties prescribed by the general laws and ordinances applicable to the City to make inspections and to perform all other functions which are authorized or directed by law. E. Members of the Department of Inspections shall have the right to enter public or private property at such reasonable times as may be necessary for the performance of their duties. Should the owner or occupant of any property refuse to permit such reasonable access, the Department of Inspections shall proceed to obtain an administrative search warrant pursuant to G.S. 15-27.2. No person shall obstruct, hamper or interfere with any such representative while in the process of carrying out his lawful duties. F. The City shall also have the power to require written statements, or the filing of reports under oath, with respect to pertinent questions relating to land- disturbing activity. Sec. 11.2.2. Inspection Procedure A. Inspections The Department of Inspections shall inspect all buildings and structures and work therein for which a permit of any kind has been issued as often as necessary in order to determine whether the work complies with the Code of the City of Raleigh and the laws of the State of North Carolina. 1. When deemed necessary by the Department of Inspections, it may require the permit holder to have materials and assemblies inspected at the point of manufacture or fabrication, or inspections or tests to be made by approved and recognized inspection organizations; provided, no approval shall be based upon reports of such organizations unless the same are in writing and certified by a responsible officer of such organization. 2. When deemed necessary by the Department of Inspections, it may require the permit holder to submit to the Inspections Department surveys by a registered land surveyor; the survey shall show the location of the structure including projections with reference to: property lines, flood hazard and flood-storage areas on the property, rights-of-way, easements on the property, such as greenway, drainage, utility, slope easements along rights-of-way, and when applicable by other Code requirements: minimum distances between buildings, minimum distances between buildings and parking spaces and drives, minimum distances between any outdoor living areas and parking or drives, and minimum distances of parking and drives from any public right-of-way line. No further inspections nor permits will be undertaken or issued by the City for that structure until the requested survey is submitted to and approved by the City. 3. All holders of permits, or their agents, shall notify the Department of Inspections at each stage of construction and shall give inspectors free access to the premises for the purpose of making inspections. Approval shall be obtained from the Department of Inspections before subsequent work can be continued. The inspections required shall conform to the provisions of the North Carolina Administration and Enforcement Requirements Code and technical codes.