Unified Development Ordinance, 4th supplement, September 2017

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 12 – 19 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 2 Article 12.2. Defined Terms | CHAPTER 12. DEFINITIONS U Two-Year Storm The stormwater runoff resulting from a rainfall of an intensity expected to be equaled or exceeded, on the average, once in 2 years and of a duration which will produce the maximum peak rate of runoff, for the watershed of interest under average antecedent wetness conditions. u Uncovered The removal of ground cover from, on or above the soil surface. Understory Tree An evergreen or deciduous tree whose mature height can be expected to range between 15 feet and 35 feet and which has an expected crown spread range between 15 feet and 25 feet as determined by the latest edition of “American Standards of Nursery Stock” as set forth by the American Association of Nurserymen. Undisturbed Area An area free of any tree disturbing activity except the planting of required landscaping and plantings required by conditional use zoning requirements. Unhealthy A plant or tree that meets any one or more of the following: 1. Its foliage and bark have a form and color that is not characteristic of the species similarly located within the city; 2. Its twig elongation is dissimilar to that of others of the same species and size similarly located within the city; 3. It is not free from infestation of insects and detrimental diseases; 4. More than 10% of its trunk circumference dies in any 1 calendar year; 5. More than 30% of its crown dies or is lost in any 1 calendar year; and/or 6. It no longer screens, filters or shades the area for which it was installed. Unity of Development The visual and functional integration of buildings within a development or area. Urban Frontage The following frontages: Green (-GR), Urban Limited (-UL), Urban General (-UG) and Shopfront (-SH). Utility Service Area An area which contains any utility box, booster box, switching station, transformer, pedestal or backflow preventor or similar above-grade device used to serve underground utilities. Utility Service Plan A plan associated with a Planned Development Master Plan that provides information for mail distribution and solid waste collection. v Vehicular Canopy A roofed and open drive-through structure designed to provide temporary shelter for vehicles and their occupants while making use of a business’ services. Vehicular Surface Area An area where motor vehicles are either stored or driven, including private driveways and private streets, parking lots, vehicular display lots, rental lots and depots, but not including parking buildings or areas which are used exclusively as loading areas and service areas. Vehicle Sign Any sign attached to or painted on, or otherwise positioned, (whether exterior or interior), in or on, located upon a vehicle or a tractor trailer. Velocity The average velocity of water flow through the cross-section of an effluent main channel at the peak flow of the storm of interest. The cross-section of the main channel, if any, shall be that area defined by the geometry of the channel plus the area of flow below the flood height defined by vertical lines at the main channel banks. Overbank flows are not to be included for the purpose of computing velocity of flow.