Unified Development Ordinance, 6th supplement, September, 2018

Part 10A: Unified Development Ordinance City of Raleigh, North Carolina 3 – 6 Effective Date: September 01, 2013 Supp. No. 4 CHAPTER 3. ​MIXED USE DISTRICTS | Article 3.2. ​Base Dimensional Standards Sec. 3.2.3. ​Townhouse Sec. 3.2.3. Townhouse RX-, OX-, NX-, CX- DX- A. Site Dimensions A1 Area (min) 3,300 sf n/a A2 Width (min) 44' n/a A3 Outdoor amenity area (min) 10% 10% B. Lot Dimensions B1 Area (min) n/a n/a B2 Width (min) 16' n/a C. Building/Structure Setbacks C1 From primary street (min) 10' 5' C2 From side street (min) 10' 5' C3 From side lot line (min) 0' or 6' 0' or 6' C4 From rear lot line (min) 20' 0' or 6' C4 From alley 4' or 20' min 4' or 20' min D. Parking Setbacks D1 From primary street (min) 20' 20' D2 From side street (min) 10' 10' D3 From side lot line (min) 0' or 3' 0' or 3' D4 From rear lot line (min) 3' 3' D4 From alley (min) 4' 4' RX-, OX-, NX-, CX- DX- E. Build-to (Site) E1 Primary street build-to (min/max) 10'/55' 10'/55' E2 Building width in primary build-to (min) 70% 70% E3 Preexisting Buildings: See Sec. 3.4.2.C.2. F. Height F1 Principal building (max) Set by district Set by district F2 Accessory structure (max) 25' 25' G. Floor Heights G1 Ground floor elevation (min) Residential 2' 2' Nonresidential n/a n/a G2 Ground story height, floor to floor (min) n/a n/a G3 Upper story height, floor to floor (min) n/a n/a H. Transparency H1 Ground story (min) 20% 20% H2 Upper story (min) 15% 15% H3 Blank wall area (max) 35' 35' I. Allowed Building Elements Porch, stoop Balcony See Sec. 1.5.4.D “Building Setbacks” for specific building element requirements. A2 B2 B1 C2 C3 C4 C1 D3 D2 D4 D1 Parking Setbacks Building Setbacks A1 Primary Street Alley Side Street A3 E1 E2 F1 G1 G3 G2 G3 H3 H2 H2 H1 Primary Street Side Street