City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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Figure 2: Statistical Indicators for the National Economy: Unemployment,
Consumer Confidence, and Housing Permits.
Allen. J. Russell (April 2, 2012). Council Pre-Budget Workshop from the City Manager City of Raleigh.
National Economic Indicators: Unemployment data from
Consumer confidence data from University of Wisconsin (via
Conference Board)
; Housing Permit data from – data tracked by
calendar year; FY12 data from year ending December 2011. Source - Census Bureau -
Local Economic Indicators: Unemployment: NC Employment Security Website
/; Total Employed: 1.8% decrease – Source –
NC Employment Security website; Total Permits: 18.5% decrease between FY08 and FY12. The total number of permits issued by the City of Raleigh
Inspections Department for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and zoning trades; Average Permit Value: 12.2% decrease for City of Raleigh, as
calculated by Inspections dept. Total permit value divided by total number of permits. Total value of permits in FY11 = $1.96 Billion.
Figure 3:
Statistical Indicators for the Local Economy: Unemployment, Total
Employed, Total Permits and Average Permit Value.