City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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We are a world-class leader in sustainable water and wastewater service delivery.”
~CORPUD Vision
WHEREWil l Change Occur?
When creating a Strategic Plan, it is important to establish a vision for where we want our
organization to be at the end of this process. For the City of Raleigh Public Utilities
Department, the management team recognized the need to have our Department compare
favorably with leading utilities nationally and internationally; the Vision for our utility was
developed from this need:
Where Will Our Vision Take Us?
To fulfill our Vision, it is imperative that we incorporate several values.
We will know that the Department is functioning ideally when we are:
Accountable for our actions as a group and as individuals; to accept responsibility for our
duties and for our actions, good or bad. Accountability becomes a core value.
Effective, both competently and efficiently accomplish our tasks, whatever they maybe. To
repeatedly and reliably complete our jobs and, when necessary, help others to complete
theirs. Effectiveness becomes a core value.
Empathetic and compassionate to our co-workers and our customers. Through empathy,
we understanding and identifying the issues of others; we become better people and better
employees; we pause and think before we react and we take the state of mind of our co-
workers and customers into account when responding to situations. Empathy is also
important as it promotes efforts to foster other organizational values such as equality,
fairness, honesty and openness. Empathy becomes a core value.
Impartially interacting with all co-workers and customers; to provide the same
opportunities to all of our employees without regard to friendship, familiarity and to not
discriminate in any manner on the basis of age, disability, sex, race, color, creed, sexual
orientation or national origin in our interpersonal interactions; to avoid conflicts of interest
and appearance of conflicts of interest; and to apply the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as
you would have them do unto you.” Equality becomes a core value.
Justly interacting with our employees, our coworkers, customers and venders; committed
to minimizing bias, promoting justice and striving for equitable, repeatable decisions in
everyday actions. Fairness becomes a core value.
Monetarily responsible with the tools, training and resources placed within our care to
efficiently complete tasks within our job duties; to be good stewards of our time; to