City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
| P a g e
eliminate waste and to encourage effectiveness and accountability in ourselves and our co-
workers. Fiscal Responsibility becomes a core value.
Honest and Open regarding our individual moral character- denoting positive, virtuous
characteristics such as: integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness; committed to
being transparent in our actions and decision making as well as our obligations to accept
different points of view, and to consider those viewpoints when reaching decisions.
Honesty and Openness become core values.
Knowledgeable about our continued commitment to acquire skills, experience and
education; to share our knowledge unselfishly with others and to encourage the pursuit of
knowledge in our employees and co-workers to the benefit of our organization.
Knowledge becomes a core value.
Have pride in the quality of the potable water produced, treated effluent, and process
residuals in full compliance with regulatory and reliability requirements and consistent with
customer, public health, and ecological needs. Quality becomes a core value.
Truly successful organizations (public and private) and their employees consider every action
from the standpoint of their core values. If an action does not fit well with the core values, then
the organization or its employee should reconsider the action. After fashioning a Vision and
defining PUD’s core values, a new mission statement has been created:
The management team believes that our utility is one of the best in North Carolina, with
excellent employees who already exemplify our core values. After implementation of our
Strategic Plan, our utility will be recognized as a world class organization, recognized as such
by our peers, our customers and our elected officials. Our organization will look a lot like it
does today, but with a stronger structure, a better organization of resources and our workforce
will be some of the best trained and highly motivated people in our line of work.
Our employees and our management team will approach all problems from the standpoint of
our organizational core values and our management system will be well understood by all
employees and used to continuously improve our service delivery. We will use savings from our
efficiency efforts to create career ladders for our staff and reward and retain our motivated and
agile workforce.
CORPUD Mission:
To provide safe, sustainable water services for our customers while protecting public health
and contributing to the economic, environmental and social vitality of our communities.”