City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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HOWWil l Change Take Place?
To reach these goals and to implement the action items of the Strategic Plan, our workforce
must be ready for this change.
Organizationally, we must be willing to explore opportunities to find new efficiencies; this will
mean change and we must foster and encourage the ability to change. To build momentum for
change, we need to continuously reinforce the necessity of change so that we may become the
best Public Utilities Department in the world; securing the support of our customers, our City
Council members, and our fellow employees.
How will change happen?
Although our Strategic Plan identifies eight areas for development that we will collectively
seek to improve. These areas are listed below in alphabetical order, with their goals, objectives
and action items listed in the charts on pages 25-32.
Customer Service. Identified as one of the City Manager’s key priorities, customer service
emphasizes customer satisfaction and our ability as a department to provide reliable,
responsive, and affordable services; all in line with explicit, customer-accepted service
levels. The goals, objectives and action items for Customer Service are listed in on page 25.
Employee Leadership and Development is our effort to recruit, develop and retain a
competent, motivated and agile workforce. When our management team reviewed the
attributes of Effective Utility Management, there was a universal recognition of the need to
reward our employees for efforts to implement the Strategic Plan. We see our employees
as our most valuable resource and express a desire to invest in that resource. The goals,
objectives and action items for Employee Leadership and Development are listed in on
page 26.
Environmental Stewardship is best defined as our efforts to protect and preserve natural
resources by meeting and exceeding regulatory compliance goals, to providing
environmental education and implementing sustainable best practices. Our Strategic Plan
acknowledges the fundamental nature of Environmental Stewardship in the day-to-day
provision of water and wastewater service, and in our efforts to promote community
sustainability. The goals, objectives and action items for Environmental Stewardship are
listed in on page 27.
Financial Viability. We effectively operate our utility as an enterprise or business and, like
any good business, we must establish a financial structure that provides full cost recovery,