City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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Eight Areas of Development: Goals, Objectives and Action items:
This section focuses on the particular details of the eight areas of development which were highlighted by the management team,
and hold the focus of this Strategic Plan. You will find below that each area is listed along with it’s definition, goals, objectives, and
action items. This information is provided to assist each PUD employee in implementing this plan, and identifying topics which
need champions.
Customer Service: To respond and meet the needs of our customers in a timely and effective manner.
CS: 1.1: Identify customer service needs through Community Action Committees (CAC) meetings, surveys,
polls, focus groups. (Ties to ES 2.1)
CS: 1.2: Quantify baseline of service levels currently provided
Establish acceptable levels of
customer service
CS: 1.3: Choose/establish appropriate customer service levels, based on findings (bundled with ES 2.1 & ES
CS: 2.1: Perform gap analysis of current resources relative to service level goals (Combine with CS 2.2)
CS: 2.2: Develop an action plan to close identified gap(s)
Provide staff the necessary resource
to meet/exceed customer expectation
CS: 2.3: Examine need for PUD-specific or centralized call center and call-handling process
CS: 3.1: Establish method for ongoing measurement of (service level) satisfaction (Combined with 3.2)
Align staff performance goals to
customer satisfaction goal
CS: 3.2: Establish method for linking employee performance to customer satisfaction levels