City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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Environmental Stewardship: To protect and preserve natural resources by meeting or exceeding regulatory compliance
goals, providing environmental education and implementing sustainable best practices.
ES-1.1: Identify future regulatory requirements
ES-1.2: Compare actual performance to future requirements (gap analysis)
ES-1.3: Communicate gaps and seek input from stakeholders
Insure future regulatory compliance
ES-1.4: Implement plan of action to meet future requirements
ES-2.1: Determine acceptable levels of environmental stewardship, above and beyond regulatory compliance,
from stakeholders
ES-2.2: Determine current performance and compare to acceptable levels
Minimize gaps between acceptable
levels of stewardship, as defined by our
community and performance
ES-2.3: Develop plan to close identified gaps between current performance and acceptable levels.
ES-3.1: Evaluate fleet usage for efficiency improvements
ES-3.2: Conduct water system real-time energy efficiency study
ES-3.3: Update Biosolids master Plan
ES-3.4: Participate in
Cost Effective Analysis Process (CEAP) development (overlap with
Greenhouse Gas,
GHG, study and tie efforts to attach future regulation; diverse energy portfolio)
Evaluate sustainable practices
ES-3.5: Evaluate renewable energy for feasibility