City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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A Letter from the Director:
Friends and Colleagues,
This document is intended to help communicate
about our Department’s Strategic Plan and the
process of implementing it.
Our management team went through an intensive
self-evaluation and identified eight areas for
improvement. Then we developed goals,
objectives and action items for each improvement
This work is intended to set us on a new path of
continuous improvement and optimization.
Challenges facing the department are significant,
and to ask for the additional money necessary to
replace our pipelines will require us to answer the
question “are you as efficient as you can be” with a
resounding yes, and to be able to prove it.
The good news is that our future looks bright. Our community is well positioned to capture a
large share of the economic growth opportunities that will present themselves for the next 30
years. Our utility has a bright and capable workforce, who are committed to providing our
customers with the best service in an efficient manner.
The simple fact is that the work you do every day is important to virtually every aspect of our
community. Many projections show that our service area population will double in the next 50
years, and that will provide many opportunities for advancement.
I encourage you to read this document and come to work prepared to help us improve our
organization. There will always be a place in our organization for those who are willing to
learn, willing to try something new and looking for new challenges. Let us work together to
make this a better utility, and take pride in our continuous improvements.