City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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WHENWil l Change Occur?
A three year timeframe has been adopted for implementation of the Strategic Plan. Being an
organization that is dedicated to continuous improvement, we will always continue to grow;
however, the largest changes will occur over the next three years (2012-2014). In time, we
should be recognized by our peers (and acknowledge ourselves) as a world-class leader in
sustainable water and wastewater service delivery.
Final Thoughts
The concepts and ideas discussed within this Plan will require time to absorb, to understand, to
incorporate and to implement. The Strategic Plan will ultimately become the road map to our
future, taking us where we want and need to go. Our challenges are many, but we are
fortunate to have our excellent workforce and a long track record of outstanding public service.
Thank you for all of our accomplishments to date, and for helping us carry this Plan into the