City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
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Appendix II:
Communicat ion Efforts Underway
Employee Focus Group: An Employee Focus Group (EFG) is made up of 5-8 employees. It is a
diverse team of staff members who speak their minds and who represent a good cross-section
of our Department. Within this group the Public Information Manager acts as a facilitator,
and one front line manager is assigned as co-facilitator. Many subjects/topics can be
examined by an EFG. In November 2011, our first EFG evaluated our current methods of
communicating with employees, and tested and explored new ideas, and made suggestions.
Additional EFG will evaluate future communication elements, gauge employee understanding
and acceptance as well as provide feedback on ways to improve the implementation of the
Strategic Plan.
Marlin Electronic Communication Systems/Stations: is a system of 19-monitors throughout
our Department delivering content via video. This is a digital signage system provides daily
content relevant to Public Utilities (PU) activities. Administered by Public Information
Manager Carolyn Dumas, a number of employees/co-administrators will have the opportunity
to provide content management at various facility locations, including One Exchange Plaza,
E.M. Johnson water treatment plant, D.E. Benton water treatment plant, the Neuse River
wastewater treatment plant, the Little Creek wastewater treatment plant, Smith Creek
wastewater treatment plant, Wrenn Road wastewater treatment plant, the Lake Woodard
Annex, South Raleigh Utility Field Operation Center, the East Raleigh Utility Field Operation
Center, Lake Woodard GIS section of Utility Field Operation Center, the Lake Woodard
Warehouse, the Lake Woodard Sewer Maintenance section and the Lake Woodard Water
Distribution section.
Public Utilities Department Newsletter: Our Water, Our Future is a quarterly newsletter
designed to educate citizens regarding water conservation and efficiency issues, and to show
the City’s level of commitment in water supply planning. It will also serve as an educational
tool for customers in our entire service area, informing them of the programs that we offer,
informative articles, fun facts and tips that the everyday water user may not know… copies of
Our Water, Our Future will appear on the Marlin Electronic Communication Systems.
Employees are encouraged to submit articles or article ideas for publishing.
Employee Video Production Team: this is a 4-5 person group of staff volunteers who are
called upon when requested and can be released from their normal job duties to undertake
special video projects. They will assist the Public Information Manager by completing various