City of Raleigh, Public Utilities Department: Strategic Plan
| P a g e
video requests; requests to shoot video archive footage, or to produce informative video
segments for viewing on RTN and Marlin Communications System.
Your Utility Show an employee video news program: A Pilot show filmed at RTN studio in
October 2011. Topic: An overview of Public Utilities’ Department Strategic Communications
Plan; hosted by Shelton Darden. The Pilot show ran for approximately 20 minutes as a tool to
communicate directly with employees about subjects that matter to them the most. The
Director explained the eight attributes of improvement as defined by the Effective Utility
Management Principles, and discussed action items specifically in the area of Employee
Leadership and Development, Employee Communications, and the restructuring of the
divisions within the Department.
Additional Programs Under Consideration:
Career Building Program (proposal under consideration): Employee professional
development is one of the areas of improvement that has been identified in our Public Utilities
Department’s Strategic Plan. This proposal suggests incorporating a Career Builder |Career
Exploration Program though mentoring opportunities. An employee interested in increasing
their on-the-job knowledge would ‘job-shadow’ another employee in a higher level position or
with a diverse skill base, making themselves more aware/capable/skilled to apply for job
promotion opportunities within the Department.
Public Utilities Global Speakers Bureau, PUGSB (proposal under consideration): A PUGSB
can be created to provide local, national and global exposure for our senior management
team (Director, Assistant Director, Superintendent, and Assistant Superintendent) and to our
identified Change Agents. Our senior management team is made up of experienced
professionals and successful business leaders knowledgeable in a variety of utility related
disciplines. The PUGSB will share their experience as subject matter experts to the business
community, utility industry and local communities. The Public Information Manager suggests
the development of a PUGSB web page and supply speaker bios, list of subjects/topics of
expertise, list association memberships, and contact information. A “request for speaker
form” will be available online where interested parties can submit a request for a