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Parnell Bell has

volunteered his time to

numerous Raleigh orga-

nizations such as the

Stormwater Management

Advisory Commission,


Quality Monitoring

Programs and the Wake

County Big Sweep. A

continuing student of

environmental science

and education since 1980,

Bell has participated in the

City of Raleigh Leadership

Institute, Project WET 2010

Facilitator Training and BPI/

HERS and Solar Thermal


His priority is to encour-

age more inner city youths

and their families to

volunteer and spend more

time outdoors, working with

numerous organizations to

be able to teach people

in all communities to enjoy

the satisfaction of doing

“good works.”

Bell has been working

to purchase a small piece

of land near the Hill Street

Park where he performs

Big Sweep activities. He

performs water quality

monitoring near the Walnut

Creek Wetland Center in

partnership with NC State

Natural Resource students

and professors, and helped

with ideas for the Hill

Street Park. He continually

works to refine conserva-

tion practices, including

using plants to control

and prevent streambank

erosion, and to promote

urban agriculture in the

Raleigh area.