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Charly Kerr, owner of

the Chick-fil-A at 8861 Six

Forks Road in Raleigh,

set out to prove that vast

improvements in sustain-

ability are possible even

in the fast food industry.

Kerr’s inspiration to reduce

his restaurant’s carbon

footprint was sparked by

his church, supporters of

NC Interfaith Power & Light,

a non-profit organization

educating faith commu-

nities on the causes and

consequences of climate


Starting in 2009, Kerr

analyzed every aspect of

his operations to find ways

to lower his environmental

impacts, now composting

four tons of organic waste

and paper products each

month and recycling

metals and plastics.

He believes businesses

“have a moral responsi-

bility to become better

stewards of the earth.”

Special efforts to keep

Styrofoam out of the

landfill included hiring a

company to pick up and

recycle the cups, leading

the Chick-fil-A corporation

to mandate all other NC

locations do the same

in 2013. Kerr also collects

used vegetable oil and

donates it to Green Circle

NC as part of the Biodiesel

4 Schools program, and

energy efficiency is a

priority. As a vocal advo-

cate for change, Kerr was

instrumental in supporting

industry efforts to stop

sourcing chickens that are

fed antibiotics.