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Erin White is a designer,

entrepreneur and teacher

working for healthy food

systems. Characteristic of

his collaborative nature

and belief that diverse

ideas lead to resilient

solutions, White built

Community Food Lab (CFL)

as a hybrid model inter-

secting design, consulting,

and social entrepreneur-

ship. A Raleigh-based

social enterprise, CFL

is working on a mix of

impactful self-initiated

volunteer projects and

client-driven projects

designed to accelerate

healthy food system

development throughout

Raleigh. In addition to

leading CFL, White is a

founding member and

interim Chair of the Capital

Area Food Network, board

member of Advocates

for Health in Action, and

a visionary leader of the

Raleigh Food Corridor,

a community-sourced

project along two miles of

Blount and Person Streets

and their Second Saturday

monthly celebrations of

local food and community.

White coordinated

an edible tree planting

project, City Fruit, targeting

two neighborhoods of

Southeast Raleigh classi-

fied as food deserts, where

poverty is high, access to

healthy food is difficult and

tree cover was impacted

during 2011 storms.

He has urged revising

Raleigh planning and

zoning language to allow

greater opportunities for

urban agriculture due to

its demonstrated ability to

build resilience and aware-

ness of natural systems, as

well as the ability to sustain

healthy human lives.