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Hallie Turner is a voice for

youth on climate change,

inspiring others her age to

get involved for the sake

of future generations.

Spreading the word that

we all have a right to

clean water and clean air,

Turner, 13, believes it’s time

to move away from fossil

fuels and on to 100% clean

renewable energy.

After reading a children’s

adaptation of Al Gore’s

An Inconvenient Truth


Turner was scared and

angry that the government

wasn’t taking the critical

action necessary. She

searched the web for ways

to get involved, and found

iMatter, an outlet connect-

ing kids passionate about

varying topics.

Writing blog posts for the

site, she connected with

youth concerned about

climate change around

the world, speaking at

the Climate Convergence

conference in April 2013,

meeting with Raleigh

Mayor Nancy McFarlane

and organizing a

Raleigh iMatter march in

September 2013.

Currently, Turner is

working with three

lawyers — Gayle Tuch,

a private attorney from

Winston-Salem, and Ryke

Longest and Shannon

Arata of Duke University

Environmental Law Clinic

— in a lawsuit to persuade

state leaders to adopt rules

that would reduce green-

house gasses.