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Mims Distributing

Company, a Raleigh

family-owned beer and

wine distributor servicing

all of North Carolina,

continually seeks ways to

be as ecologically friendly

as possible, striving to

improve its overall perfor-

mance and effectiveness

as part of the process.

Relocating its head-

quarters to a central

geographic location

and GPS route software

optimizes its fuel usage,

reducing its carbon foot-

print. Rather than building

new, the company chose

to renovate an existing

space. This sustainable

and cost-effective decision

allowed it to install a 320kW

solar rooftop system, one of

the largest private instal-

lations in Wake County.

Energy-saving measures

include high-performance

insulation, cooling and

lighting systems. A bar

made from recycled glass

and recycling bins, instead

of trash bins, in every office

set an example, encour-

aging employees to think

twice about their waste


A smart stormwater

retention strategy features

a bioretention pond;

low-flow plumbing fixtures

and landscaping with

drought-tolerant plants

enhance responsible

water use.