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NC State Stewards are

sustainability student lead-

ers, promoting sustainable

practices among peers

and the campus commu-

nity through workshops and

events. Role models, they

inspire others to consider

the impact that personal

decisions have on the

environment, community

and the future.

Representing a diverse

set of majors and career

goals, the Stewards self-

select into impact groups

in areas such as energy,

waste reduction, outreach

education and campus

nature. Within that focus

area, each group devel-

ops projects that improve

campus, build partnerships

and have a facet of peer-

to-peer education.

The Stewards program

also ambitiously tackles

issues on a university level.

One goal of the Waste

Reduction Committee is

to eliminate the use of

single-use plastic bags

on campus, a vision that

began in 2013 but quickly

received negative feed-

back. Strategizing a plan

to gain support and over-

come anticipated criticism,

the committee is working

toward its goal through

education and partnering

with University Dining to

plan a gradual movement

away from single-use bags.

Six convenience stores on

campus host a bag recy-

cling program, diverting

more than 6,000 since its

inception. More than 1,100

students, faculty and staff

have pledged their support

for removing single-use

plastics on campus, and a

large campus food court

has stopped using them

thanks to Stewards’ efforts.