Strategies Teams at a planning level, and to identify potentially viable financing techniques.
The work of the Finance Team is detailed in Section 6 of this Project Report.
Legal Team
The goal of the Legal Team was to identify and evaluate potential legal barriers to the
strategies and programs identified by the other Interdepartmental Teams, and to
recommend legislative or regulatory actions that could be taken to address the barriers. The
potential CEAP strategies and programs that were developed throughout the project
process were screened for potential legal and regulatory impacts as part of the strategies
prioritization process described in Section 5 of this Project Report. The outcome of the
prioritization process revealed that none of the potential strategies or programs would be
prohibited by current Federal and/or North Carolina laws and regulations.
Decision Framework for Strategies Prioritization
The Project TeamMembers had agreed during chartering that the CEAP must be developed
using a transparent process that is verifiable, defendable and repeatable, and Members
recognized that decisions that involve multiple stakeholders with different interests would
be made. The Project Team elected to use a decision analysis approach which is a structured
framework in which decision criteria are developed, weighted and then applied to prioritize
potential future strategies to meet the City’s stated goals. The decision framework process
and the Prioritization Team’s activities are described in Section 5 of this Project Report.
Financial Analysis
The CEAP process included a financial analysis of potential future strategies in order to
evaluate the financial implications, at a planning level, of the strategies developed by the
Strategies Teams. The financial analysis is described in Section 6 of this Project Report.
Mid-Project Update for City Manager
As the Strategy Teams and the consulting teamwere refining the potential strategies for
further evaluation, it was appropriate to update and obtain input from the City Manager,
Assistant City Managers, and other key Directors about the initial findings. The goal of the
meeting was to facilitate their understanding of initial findings, gather their input on overall
project direction, and discuss issues or concerns. The following City staff participated in the
meeting held on September 26, 2011:
Russell Allen,
City Manager
Julian Prosser,
Assistant City Manager
Dan Howe,
Assistant City Manager
Perry James,
Chief Financial Officer
Joyce Munro,
Budget and Management Services Director
Gale Roper,
Chief Information and Community Relations Officer
Paula Thomas
Manager, Office of Sustainability
Cindy Homes,
CEAP Project Manager, Office of Sustainability
The following information was presented by the consulting team: