Exhibit 10 shows the ranking of the 34 strategies by cumulative criteria score. The
cumulative criteria score (y-axis) represents the total benefit or contribution of each strategy to
meeting the weighted decision criteria. Different colors within each stacked bar reflect the
contribution of each of the decision criteria to each strategy’s cumulative criteria score.
Strategies Prioritization Ranking Chart
It is critical to note that additional judgment must be applied in determining the strategies
to implement, through further review that considers factors that might not be considered in
the prioritization modeling. Also, given the precision in the scoring and weighting
processes, it is often helpful to think of the results as dividing the potential strategies into
priority “tiers”, since it is often useful to think of the relative merit of very closely scored
projects as essentially equivalent.
Building Climate Controls
Single SWS Trucks-ParksRefuse & Recyclables
Building Envelope Improvements
Convention Center CIP
Building Interior Light Controls
Solar Thermal for Heating City Pools
Increased Recycle Container Size
Fleet Alternative Fuel Vehicles
LED Lighting in Parking Decks
FutureWater Efficiency
LED Street Lighting
Lighting Replacements by PUD
Alt. to Methanol @ Neuse River WWTP
LEED Policy Emphasis on Energy Efficiency
Energy-Efficient Vending Machines
Tree Planting Programs
Elevator Fan/Light Controls & LED Conversion
CIP for Energy Efficiency City-wide
Anaerobic Digestion at Neuse River WWTP
Change to Propane for SWS Trucks
Reduced Vehicle Speed Policy
SWS Propane Usage in Various Equipment
Fleet Propane Usage in Various Equipment
YardWaste Mgmt. for Methane Gas Recovery
Produce Own Biodiesel
Vehicle GPS
Hydroelectric Facility at Falls Lake
Take Home Vehicle Policy
Transit Bus GPS
Reduce SWS Trips in Central Business Dist.
Organic Waste Mgmt. for Methane Gas Recovery
Water Reuse (reduce nitrogen discharge)
Mower Alternative Fuel Usage
Cumulative Criteria Score
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential
Coordinates with Other Projects
Realistic / Implementable
Operational Impacts
Financially Responsible