The following Project Report presents the information and results from the various steps
taken in the process of developing the City’s Climate/Energy Action Plan (CEAP) during
and 2012.
The following Sections are included as part of this document:
Section 2 – Climate/Energy Action Plan Project Process
describes the project process
including chartering the Project Team and the Interdepartmental Teams, developing
the project objectives, and defining the project mission statement, critical success
factors and expected outcomes.
Section 3 – Existing Programs and Strategies for Operating Efficiency and Carbon
presents information generated by the Interdepartmental Teams about
practices implemented since 2007 to increase operating efficiency and reduce carbon
emissions as well as the documented carbon emissions reduction between 2007 and
Section 4 – Future Strategies, Best Management Practices & Policies for Operating
Efficiency and Carbon Reduction
presents the strategies and practices developed by
the Interdepartmental Teams and the consulting team that can be put in place in the
future to continue to improve operating efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, as
well as the reductions that can be expected from implementing the strategies.
Section 5 – Future Strategies Prioritization
describes the decision framework
developed and utilized by the Prioritization Team for the review and prioritization of
strategies as well as the prioritization process and results.
Section 6 – Financial Analysis
presents the development of the financial analysis
framework. Specific business case evaluations were conducted for two of the highest
scoring strategies. The complete Business Case Evaluations are included in Volume 2
of the CEAP Technical Documentation.