During the Chartering Workshop, the Project Team Members identified the following as key
factors that would define the project as a success:
Use of a transparent process that is verifiable, defendable and repeatable to develop,
review and prioritize the strategies
Development of realistic and achievable strategies with outcomes that are measurable
Setting realistic timeframes for implementing the strategies and measuring the results
City staff agreement to implement the strategies
Also from the Chartering Workshop discussions, a common objective was evident – that the
CEAP process was to be intensely inclusive and the Plan was to be developed, “owned” and
endorsed by the Project Team Members. In other words, the Plan was not simply to be
developed by the consulting team and/or City management and presented to the Project
Team for approval. As part of this discussion, it was recognized and agreed to by the
Project TeamMembers that they were in the best position to provide the Raleigh-specific
information that would be needed throughout the CEAP development; information specific
to the City was needed to form the basis for the most verifiable, defendable and repeatable
analyses as well as the most realistic estimates of costs and impacts to City operations.
In order to meet these objectives and address the critical success factors, the project process
utilized by the Project TeamMembers is shown in Appendix 3.
Interdepartmental Team Framework
The City had previously defined six primary areas of focus for the CEAP. In order to
efficiently address the focus areas, a smaller Interdepartmental Teamwas assigned to each:
Fleet Team
Buildings Team
Carbon Team
Renewables Team
Finance Team
Legal Team
Each Interdepartmental Team included members from various City departments to ensure
that the diverse interests and concerns of the departments were voiced and recognized
throughout the project. In addition, some Project Team Members were members of more
than one of the Interdepartmental Teams which reflected and helped capture the
interconnectedness of the focus areas.
Interdepartmental Teams Chartering
The Interdepartmental Teams met separately throughout the project to work on their
specific focus area. At the first meeting of each Interdepartmental Team, the Teamwas
chartered in a manner similar to the Project Team Chartering. An individual Team Charter
was created which utilizes the Project Charter as an umbrella but includes more specific
critical success factors related to the specific work of each Interdepartmental Team. The
TeamMember roles and responsibilities were reviewed and affirmed, and members
volunteered for each role in their Team.