he Fleet Team’s work included:
Police Department Vehicles
Fire Department Vehicles
Public Works Department Fleet Vehicle
includes all vehicles under the
management of the Department including a motor
pool fleet that is used by various departments
Public Works Department
Transportation Operations
comprised of
the City’s bus system services
Solid Waste Services
vehicles used for
collection of solid waste and recyclable materials
Parks and Recreation Department
Operations and Maintenance
maintenance of the outdoor areas of City parks
and ball fields including mowing and collection
of solid waste
The scope did not include the Public Utilities
Department (PUD) fleet operations as PUD has a
separate service area footprint (including the Towns
of Garner, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Knightdale,
Wendell and Zebulon) and PUD operations were
being assessed under a separate organizational study.
Existing Projects
The Team began by identifying projects and programs
their departments had put in place since the original
greenhouse gas inventory of municipal operations was
performed in 2007. This allowed the Team to track
progress from the established emissions baseline,
evaluate what worked well, and share lessons learned.
The strategies highlighted in this section represent
some of the City’s successes to date and
contributed to the impressive 10% reduction
in energy use and carbon emissions realized
since the 2007 inventory.
Team Leaders
Travis Brown, Fleet Superintendent,
Public Works
Mike Kennon, Transportation Operations Manager,
Public Works
Team Members
Dana Knuckles,
Bobby Broadaway,
Solid Waste Services
Vaughn Lowman,
Wayne Schindler,
Parks and Recreation
Darryl Collins,
Solid Waste Services
Kermit Chapman,
Public Utilities
Paula Thomas,
Office of Sustainability
Steve Burr,
Office of Sustainability
Michele Mallette,
Public Utilities
Cindy Holmes,
Office of Sustainability
Lynn Graham,
Office of Sustainability
Work of
Fleet Team