Existing Strategies Since 2007 – FLEET Team
Motor Pool Implementation
Implemented a motor pool at Municipal Center; City staff can choose a car
when needed from those available instead of being assigned an individual vehicle
Fleet Alternative Fuels
Fleet alternative fueling program began in 2000; beginning in 2007, increased the
variety of biofuels (i.e. B5, B20, E85, and CNG)
Flex Fuel Vehicles
Changed pickups and sedans to unleaded/flex fuel vehicles
Right-Sizing the Fleet
Reducing large vehicle capacity where not needed, to smaller capacity vehicle
i.e. full-sized pickup trucks to sedan or small truck)
SUV-Pickup Change Out
Changed full-size SUVs and pickup trucks to compact SUVs
Vehicle Idling Monitors
Initiated a "No Idling" policy; SWS uses controller to monitor vehicle idling and
shuts down motor after 3-5 minutes
SWS Route Optimization
Implemented route optimization standards to reduce the number of trips and
miles traveled for solid waste pick-up and disposal
Installed GPS devices in trucks that record driving behaviors; has reduced
instances of speeding, frequent stopping, sudden braking, etc.
SWS Cleaner Fuel Usage
Purchased new equipment that uses cleaner fuel and produces less emissions
Police Dept Alternative Fuel
Changed some cars to hybrids and increased fuel efficiency of vehicles
Police Dept GPS Usage
Using GPS technology for all 911 service calls; system helps ensure the closest
officer responds to a call
Police Dept Citizens
Began allowing citizens to report situations for police response by internet
reduces number of trips officers take to visit citizen's homes)
Fire Dept Alternative
Fuel Vehicles
Using more efficient and alternative fuel vehicles for supervisor's cars
Fire Dept Increased B5
Using more B5 in vehicles and equipment
Extended Maintenance at
Extended maintenance frequency for mowing at parks and road right-of-way
from every 2 weeks to every 3 weeks
Naturalization of Parks and
Recreation Areas
Parks and Recreation has/is naturalizing areas in parks (i.e. turf reduction to
meadow conversion) to reduce the need for mowing
Parks and Recreation
Mower Alternative Fuel
Pilot project for mowers to determine the effects of alternative fuel use on
exhaust emissions