Existing Strategies Since 2007 – BUILDINGS Team
Energy Management
Software (Periscope) and
Climate Control System
Installations at 38 facilities including the City’s administrative buildings, police
training center, community centers, pools, ball fields and tennis centers
Silver LEED Buildings
Silver LEED buildings including the Raleigh Convention Center, Neuse River
WWTP Operations Building, D. E. Benton WTP Operations Building, Buffaloe
Road Aquatics Center, remote operations centers, fire station, and park,
community and nature centers
Platinum LEED Buildings
Platinum LEED buildings include the Wilders Grove Remote Operations Facility
and Transit Operations Facility
Building Glass Enhancement
Installed new glazing to reduce heat radiation at 10 community buildings
Interior / Exterior Lighting
Replacements at 44 facilities including Memorial Auditorium with more energy
efficient lighting and/or automated controls
LED Interior and Exterior
Replacements at 27 locations from the Municipal Building Complex to
community parks
LED Traffic Lights
Replaced all traffic lighting in the City with LED lights
LED Parking Structure
Installed 141 fixtures at City Municipal Building Parking Deck; replaced
Convention Center Parking Deck lighting
Roofing Upgrades
buildings roofed with white, opaque, and/or reflective materials to increase
Green Roofs
Installed green roofs at a fire station, 2 community centers and Buffaloe Road
Aquatics Center
Equipment Replacement
Replaced HVAC systems, boilers, chillers and other mechanical system upgrades
at 9 City facilities
Computer Upgrades
Emergency Communications replaced CRT monitors with LEDs and replaced
with more efficient power supply units
Raleigh Television Network
Lighting Replacement
Changed 2kW spotlights to 1kW spotlights