Future Strategies
The Team next identified potential future projects,
programs, and strategies to achieve further
reductions. In the prioritized ranking of projects, 11
of the top 34 were generated by the Buildings Team.
Top Proposed Future Strategies – BUILDINGS Team
Building Climate Controls and
Technology Interface
Load-shedding/demand-response algorithms using building automation
infrastructure and Periscope; smart buildings; building-wide
thermostats with motion sensors and smart schedulers
Building Envelope
Building weather-proofing, glazing improvements, etc.
Raleigh Convention Center
Preventative Maintenance
Plan Implementation
Implement plan for the Convention Center
Building Interior
Light Controls
Control based on ambient light level and motion detection
LED Lighting in Parking Decks
Install LED lights in all City parking decks
Business Case
Evaluation conducted for this strategy)
LED Street Lighting
Replace all street lights with LEDs
Lighting Replacements by PUD
Lighting replacement in PUD operating facilities (induction lighting,
CFL, motion-detection)
Energy Efficiency Policy for
City LEED Buildings
Policy for LEED to concentrate points for energy efficiency
Energy-Efficient Vending
Procure energy-efficient vending machines; update contract terms for
vending machines to require Energy Star rating
Elevator Fan/Light Controls
and LED Conversion
Elevator controllers to reduce energy usage when not in use; convert
lighting to LED
City-wide CIP for Energy
Implement capital improvement plans for City buildings