Future Strategies
The Team next identified potential future projects,
programs, and strategies to achieve further
reductions. In the prioritized ranking of projects, 12
of the top 34 were generated by the Carbon Team.
Top Proposed Future Strategies – CARBON Team
Increase Recycling
Container Size
Reduce number of trucks and trips, and increase volume of
recyclables to be processed
Future Water Efficiency
Continued water efficiency programs and efforts
Real Time Energy Management
Operations Optimization
RTEMOO) Project
Water distribution system pumping optimization project
Alternative to Methanol Use at
Neuse River WWTP
Use alternative, green carbon sources for the denitrification process
at the wastewater treatment plant
Tree Planting Programs
Carbon sequestration through several tree planting programs (Trees
Across Raleigh, NeighborWoods); plant over 3,000 trees per year
Anaerobic Digestion at
Neuse River WWTP
Anaerobic digestion of biosolids at Neuse River WWTP
Yard Waste Management
Recover methane gas from yard waste composting
Produce Own Biodiesel
Use biodiesel produced from crops grown at Neuse River WWTP
which are watered with reuse water
Reduction in SWS
Collection Trips
Reduce number of trips to collect residential and commercial
refuse/recycling; less frequent collection schedule
Organic Waste Management
Collect organic waste separately, compost and recover methane gas
Water Reuse
reduce nitrogen discharge)
Reduce wastewater treatment plant effluent nitrogen to reduce GHG
production in the Neuse River
Grow Biodiesel Feed Stocks
Grow biodiesel feed stocks on Parks and Recreation properties