enewable energy is that derived from
resources that are regenerative or, for all
practical purposes, cannot be depleted. Types
of renewable energy resources include moving
water (hydro, tidal and wave power), thermal
gradients in ocean water, biomass, geothermal energy,
solar energy, and wind energy.
The City of Raleigh has implemented a number of
renewable energy projects which include solar
photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal, geothermal, and
methane recovery. The City plans to continue to
pursue a diverse array of renewable energy
opportunities on municipal facilities and land,
potentially including small wind and small
hydroelectric projects.
The Renewables Team’s work included:
Prepare an inventory of all City of Raleigh
renewable energy projects to date
Provide the additional information needed to
inform the City’s decision-making process on
future renewable energy projects in light of the
evolving market and trends
Team Leaders
Julian Prosser, Assistant City Manager,
City Manager’s Office
Robert Hinson,
Office of Sustainability
Team Members
Michael Barbour,
Raleigh Convention Center
Stewart Grantham,
Office of Sustainability
Billy Jackson,
Division of Facilities and Operations
Richard Kelly,
Public Works
Derrick Remer,
Emergency Management
Suzanne Walker,
Division of Facilities and Operations
Kenny Waldroup,
Public Utilities
Paula Thomas,
Office of Sustainability
Cindy Holmes,
Office of Sustainability
Steve Burr,
Office of Sustainability
Work of