Top Proposed Future Strategies – RENEWABLES Team
Solar Thermal for
Heating City Pools
Pre-heat pool water at aquatics centers with solar
Hydroelectric Facility
at Falls Lake
Generate hydro-power at drop from Falls Lake Dam to Neuse River
Hydroelectric Facility at Neuse
River WWTP
Generate hydro-power from discharge drop to Neuse River
Solar Sludge Dryer at Neuse
River WWTP
Dry sludge with solar energy at Neuse River WWTP
Solar PV at Various Facilities
Solar PV installations at over 40 facilities including community centers,
operations centers, parks, and the Time Warner Pavilion
Solar LED Lighting at Public
Utilities Department Facilities
Solar LED lighting at E.M. Johnson Water Treatment Plant, Neuse River
WWTP and 4 operations centers/facilities
Solar LED Lighting at
Downtown Facilities
Solar LED lighting at Raleigh Plaza and Raleigh Convention Center
Wind Power
At Wilder’s Grove Landfill and at Raleigh Convention Center
Geothermal Energy Runs Hot & Cold
Geothermal heating and cooling systems use ground
temperatures as an energy source for heating and cooling
comfort. Though outdoor temperatures fluctuate throughout
the year with seasonal changes, ground temperatures four to
six feet below the Earth's surface remain relatively moderate
and constant year-round. The geothermal heating and
cooling system uses pumps to circulate water from a series of
wells through an underground loop piping system.
The City’s Transit Operations Facility uses 150 geothermal wells,
each 300' deep, for heating and cooling.