Existing Strategies Since 2007 – BUILDINGS Team
LED Lighting Replacement
in Convention Center Deck
Replaced Parking Deck Lights with LEDs
LED Parking Structure
Facilities has installed LED lights on the 1st floor of the parking deck
at 222 W. Hargett St.); 141 fixtures replaced
LED Exterior Park/Area
Lights (multiple locations)
One Exchange Plaza, Carolina Pines, Jamaica Dr Greenway Tunnel,
Brentwood Road Operations Center wallpacks, Sgt. Courtney
Johnson, Chavis Park, Eastgate, Optimist, Walnut Creek Wetlands
Center, Reedy Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Sertoma Arts, Cabarrus
Street Downtown Police District, City Plaza light towers, Lake Boone
Trail Bridge Underpass, Municipal Complex campus, Lions Park,
Worthdale Park, Ridge Rd Pool, Pullen Aquatics, Pullen Amusement,
Longview Pool, Roberts, Method
LED Exterior & Interior
Lighting Replacement
misc depts)
EXTERIOR: Public Works - Hillsborough Street, State Street -
Community Development, Benton Water Plant - Public Utilities
INTERIOR: Mayor's Office and Elevator Lighting Downtown
Exterior Lighting
Replacement at Parks
excludes LED)
Parks and Recreation has installed exterior lights with control panels
at ball fields; the lights are on automated controls which allows lights
to turn on and off based on the presence of citizens: Optimist Senior
Ballfield, Jaycee Little League Field
Roofing Upgrades
Rooftops with white, opaque, and/or reflective materials to increase
R-factor at Biltmore Hills, Tarboro, Optimist, Chavis, Pullen Pool,
Glen Eden, Green Road, Method, Pullen Community, and One
Exchange Plaza
Green Roofs
Developed green roofs at Hill Street Neighborhood Center, Five
Points Center for Active Adults, Fire Station 9
Building Glass
Installed new glazing to reduce heat radiation at Roberts, Sgt.
Courtney Johnson, Worthdale, Optimist, Green Road, Lions, Method,
Pullen Community, Chavis, Jaycee, and Carolina Pines
Equipment Replacement
Boiler Replacement at Biltmore Hills, Method Road, Lions boiler and
HVAC, mechanical upgrades at Chavis community to include variable
refrigerant system and upgrade of gym heaters, Pullen Arts HVAC
and boiler replacement, Carolina Pines and Jaycee mechanical upgrade
to higher SEER, Sgt. Courtney T. Johson HVAC and mechanical
upgrade, One Exchange Plaza chiller replacement.