Utilize the same criteria and prioritization tools
used in the CEAP development process to
evaluate potential projects
Develop a Renewable Energy Action Plan.
City-wide Energy Assurance
The City of Raleigh has established a Local Energy
Assurance Plan (LEAP) as a municipal planning
initiative to prepare for and become more resilient
against energy assurance threats and disasters. The Plan
serves as a comprehensive framework dedicated
to the preparation, response, and recovery for
local energy disruptions. Raleigh is a unique
city as it encounters many different types
of man-made and natural disasters.
With an ever-growing population
and increasing interdependencies,
the City must be prepared for
disasters which could halt
city functions, specifically
fuel scarcities.
LEAP aids in the
mitigation of
disasters by establishing
City of Raleigh’s
expectations and
interdependencies during
energy emergencies. This involves
enhancing the City’s response to
energy shortages as well as identifying
areas for improvement.
Specifically, the goals of LEAP are to:
Understand interrelationships and
interdependencies between energy sources
Identify opportunities to better prepare for
energy disruptions
Reduce threats for energy emergencies
Increase the City of Raleigh’s access to reliable
Mitigate the severity and duration of energy
Develop a comprehensive fuel strategy
The Local Energy Assurance Plan outlines broad
energy profiles and City responsibilities to be utilized
in conducting mitigation, prevention, preparedness,
protection, response, and recovery operations in the
event of an energy disruption. Additionally, it is
dedicated to the integration of renewables into
emergency response planning. LEAP is designed to
give the City an accurate understanding of its energy
usage and interdependencies, as well as its
opportunities to optimize energy resources.
City-wide Energy and
Carbon Reductions
The City of Raleigh has also completed a community-
wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory. This
inventory is available under separate cover on the
City of Raleigh website. The report will be the
baseline for the community-wide energy and carbon
reduction program.
There are many next
steps in the implementation
of the Roadmap to Raleigh’s
Energy Future. The direction
is now set and the
change has