Methane Recovery

Last updated Feb. 04, 2016 - 2:43 pm
Wilders Grove Landfill Methane Gas Recovery

The City of Raleigh captures the methane gas produced by waste decaying in the landfill. This gas is then used to produce steam to power manufacturing operations at a local industry, Ajinomoto USA. The City receives monthly royalties for the use of the landfill gas and this potentially explosive gas is also removed from its property.

Wilders Grove Landfill

Through the use of methane recovery Wilders Grove Landfill has enabled the City to reduce its carbon footprint by capturing and selling 176,361 MMBTUs generating approximately $90,000 annually. Wilders Grove Landfill is an excellent example of how the City of Raleigh has been incorporating sustainable practices for many years.

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