Walkable Watershed

Concept Plan & Action List for Lower Little Rock Creek Watershed

Last updated Jan. 26, 2017 - 6:54 am
Walkable Watershed

In the summer of 2013, consultant Skeo Solutions competitively awarded a Walkable Watershed technical services grant to the City of Raleigh to explore opportunities in the lower watershed of Little Rock Creek.

A Walkable Watershed integrates the flow of water and people into a cohesive strategy to improve the overall health of a community and the surrounding watershed, based on the idea that high-quality water goes hand-in-hand with a high quality of life. Benefits typically range from improved health and safety to increased community well-being that comes from having improved access to outdoor spaces and clean, well-maintained waterways.

The 18-month process – led by the Office of Sustainability in a collaborative effort between Community Development; Community Engagement; Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources; City Planning, Development Services; Public Works; Public Utilities; Stormwater Management; Transportation Planning and the Urban Design Center – built on existing plans and efforts, bringing staff, experts and citizens together to develop a shared vision and set of priorities. The outcome is a watershed concept plan that will help guide, coordinate and leverage investment in the community.

The Raleigh Concept Plan lists 12 specific recommendations based on community- and City staff-identified needs in the project area, loosely bounded by Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., State Street, Peterson Street and Wilmington Street. The accompanying Action List prioritizes the recommendations and includes suggested next steps to help build partnerships and guide investments in these neighborhood-based watershed improvements.

Both the plan and the action list will be forwarded to staff for consideration and inclusion as appropriate for departmental planning efforts and in action plans developed from the strategic planning process.

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