Crabtree Blvd. Culvert Rehabilitation

Last updated Oct. 03, 2017 - 2:47 pm
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Storm Drainage System (Repair)
  • $424,000
  • East
  • Stormwater Management (Lead)
  • Wetherill Engineering

Current Activity

Construction for this project is complete and Crabtree Boulevard has been reopened. Necessary repairs have been made to the entrance of the stormwater pipe that runs under Crabtree Boulevard, which will prevent further erosion of the structure and improve water quality of the stream in this area. Residents will continue to see occasional lane closures on Crabtree Boulevard as the City of Raleigh completes a sidewalk project along the street and across the repaired culvert.

Questions about the project can be directed to the Stormwater Management Division at 919-996-3940 or


There are voids underneath the inlet and outlet of this storm drain so the break in the culvert needs to be filled and repaired. Once construction begins to repair the drain, the road will be closed and an off-site detour will be put in place.


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Summer 2017Project complete


There is a break in the stormwater drain and erosion behind the retaining wall of the structure. Erosion is occurring because the current condition of the drain is causing the water to flow off of its natural course. This project will fix the storm drain and eliminate continued erosion.

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