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Last updated Jan. 19, 2018 - 4:39 pm
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  • Design
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  • Storm Drainage System
  • $1.7 million
  • Stormwater Management (Lead)
  • WK Dickson

Current Activity

Posted Friday, Jan. 19

WK Dickson is finalizing and submitting the 70 percent design plans for the project to the City's Development Services Department the US Army Corps of Engineers. The design includes more details on the different drainage improvements for this project, including limits to altering the ground surface of the project area.

Meetings with property owners to go over the current design plans have been scheduled for the week of January 22.

This project also will include a City sanitary sewer project so that both projects are constructed at once.


The purpose of this project is to improve the stability of the stream bank and reduce flooding along two streams carrying stormwater through Ramblewood Drive in Raleigh. Stream bank erosion caused by a steep channel and increased stormwater flows has caused trees to fall and the stream channel to relocate near the foundation at 4001 Cardigan Place.

The proposed drainage improvements with this project will reduce stream bank erosion and reduce the potential for trees to fall on nearby homes. This project also will reduce the frequency of flooding along Ramblewood Drive and the home located at 312 Ramblewood Drive by replacing the undersized stormwater pipe located at Ramblewood Drive.


The stream bank stabilization will minimize impacts to the stream in this area and loss of property caused by erosion and flooding. This also will address continued issues with stormwater going over the road instead of remaining in the drainage system.


  • Fallen Tree
  • Verticle Bank
  • Bank Fence


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
Winter 2017Field survey completed
Spring 2017Engineering stormwater models finalized and 30% of the design plan completed; public meeting held
Fall 201770% design plans complete
Spring 2018Construction bid and environmental permit process complete
Summer 2018Project design and easement acquisition complete
Summer 2018Project construction begins
Spring 2019Project construction complete


Residents have expressed their concerns with the stability of the stream bank as well as the flooding of Ramblewood Drive near North Hills Mall. Ramblewood Drive overtops with stormwater approximately 10 times a year because the stormwater pipe in this area is too small. In February 2016, a large tree along the bank at 4001 Cardigan Place fell on the fence and shed of the property at 4005 Cardigan Place.

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