Wooten Meadow Park Implementation

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Current Activity

City staff are in the final design process for Wooten Meadow Park. Construction is anticipated to begin in the Fall of 2019.


Priority items for Phase 1 Implementation have been selected from the adopted park master plan. These items include a constructed wetland, boardwalk for wildlife viewing, play areas, landscape improvements, and a small shade structure.


Project schedule with dates and descriptions
August 1, 2017Schematic Design Presentation at Lake Lynn Community Center
September 21, 2017Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board Presentation
October 17, 2017City Council Presentation
Fall 2017 - Spring 2019Construction Documents and Permitting
Fall 2019 - Fall 2020Bidding and Construction


The 20.5 acre site is located at 2801 West Millbrook Road at the intersection of Leesville Road and Millbrook Road in northwest Raleigh. The land was donated by the Wooten family in 1996 for the use of the citizens of Raleigh as a park and/or greenway. As a donation, the property came to the city without a master plan. Interim uses have dominated the park's history.

Wooten Meadow Park is mostly undeveloped, with 70 percent of the land restricted by its location within a floodplain. Existing park features include a park sign, small parking area (accessed from Millbrook Road,) swing-set (currently being relocated), and multi-use open meadow. More information about existing conditions of the park, including its natural elements, existing utility easements, and historic usages can be found in the draft System Integration Plan.

The Wooten Meadow Park Master Plan process launched on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014 at the Northwest Citizen Advisory Meeting. This event announced a community survey opportunity which ran through September. Benefitting from a strong response to community survey and interview opportunities, the project team identified issues and stakeholders for the park planning process, ultimately taking the form of a third-party situational assessment with process recommendations for the master planning process of this site.

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