Over 10 Major Drainage Concerns Addressed on Private Property in Raleigh

News posted Jan. 04, 2018 - 6:00 am
Drainage Assistance Project - Deer Track Drive

Over the last several months, Raleigh Stormwater’s Drainage Assistance Program has completed 11 major projects that address drainage concerns on private property. These projects are fully funded by the City and are dedicated to handling drainage issues, like stream bank erosion and flooding to homes, that are caused by a public contribution of stormwater runoff. Projects include:

  • Reducing stream bank erosion to waterways located on private property that may be impacting a structure on the property or the City right-of-way;
  • Repairing failed storm drainage systems that impact structures on private property and have resulted in severe erosion and/or flooding of homes or other structures on the property; and,
  • Clearing pipes and fixing sink holes over storm drain pipes that are caused by failing stormwater infrastructure.

Projects recently completed through this program are located throughout Raleigh on Basil Drive; Belle Crest Drive & Valley Estates Drive; Caraleigh Mills Court; Deer Track Drive; Doughton Street; Laketree Drive; Mabry Mill Street; Moultrie and Chicora Courts; Rainford Court; Rosenhaven Drive; and Wickham Road.

Do you have storm drainage issues on your property? Contact the Drainage Assistance Program at or 919-996-3779.

What is Stream Bank Erosion?

Stream bank erosion occurs when portions of a stream are worn or deteriorating. This happens when the flow and amount of sediment in stormwater runoff are too much for the streambed to handle. This can be caused by a change in geography (i.e. development of an area) and the condition of vegetation surrounding the stream. Stream bank erosion can often lead to water pollution and flooding.

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