Stormwater Planning Leads to Smart Solutions

News posted Jul. 26, 2018 - 6:00 am

The Stormwater Management Division has a team dedicated to planning programs and initiatives. This group identifies ways to improve stormwater pipes and drains; reduce flooding; and make local waterways healthier. They also focus on finding out the needs of watersheds (the area of land where water flows to streams, lakes, and rivers) in Raleigh.

There are four main planning categories:

  • Watershed planning identifies city-wide water quality and stormwater infrastructure needs to help plan future projects.
  • Stormwater assets, like pipes/drains, stormwater control measures (SCMs), and dams are managed by stormwater engineers who map and track the location of these assets to fix/rehabilitate/replace structures when it is necessary.
  • Stream gauges are monitored to capture stream flow and rainfall. This helps determine road closures and flooding risks during major rain storms.
  • Projects are prioritized based on several factors, like location, public safety, impact, regulatory requirements, and community benefit. Project prioritization allows the City to effectively use resources and provide smart stormwater solutions to residents.

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