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Last updated Dec. 10, 2018 - 3:58 pm

Please check back regularly to see updates, changes and detours to GoRaleigh bus service.

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O/B- Outbound
I/B- Inbound
E/B- Eastbound
W/B- Westbound
- GoRaleigh Station
RCC- Raleigh Convention Center

GoRaleigh service information during inclement weather | Monday, Dec. 10 through Tuesday, Dec. 11

GoRaleigh services are ending early on Monday evening. Last departures from GoRaleigh Station will be those leaving at 9:15 p.m. The 7L will make its 9:15 p.m. connection and then go out of service at the end of the line.

GoRaleigh services will resume at 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Temporary detours due to inclement weather | Monday, Dec. 10

RIDER ALERT: Temporary detours due to inclement weather.

Route 2 - Falls of Neuse
Stay on Wake Forest to Whitaker Mill
Resume regular route
Stay on Falls of Neuse
Make courtesy stop @ Falls of Neuse and Carlos Dr.

Route 3 - Glascock
R- on peace
L- on Person
R- on Glasscock
R- Raleigh
L- Crabtree
Continue to Wake forest road to Blount to GRS

Route 4 - Rex
No serviceing Park Lake Dr.

Route 6 - Crabtree
Turning around at Pleasant Valley
No service on St. Giles and Deep Hollow

Route 7 - South Saunders
From EOL make a right into Walmart parking lot turn around.
Go back to 401.
Make Left onto 401.
Take 401 to South Saunders to Downtown.

Route 11 - Avent Ferry

Take Dawson To Western BLVD.
Make a Right onto Western
Left on Avent Ferry
Turn around at Avent Ferry Shopping Center and come inbound
Stay on Western to MLK
Left onto Wilmington

Route 11L - Buck Jones

Service Suspended

Route 12 - Method
Kent to Kaplan Dr.
Gorman to Western

Route 16 - Oberlin

Stay on Blue Ridge

Route 19 - Apollo Heights
No service in Apollo Heights
Stay on M.L.K

Route 24L - North Crosstown
New Hope Church Rd
L- Wake Forest
R- Six Forks
Resume Route
Eastbound from North Hills
R- Six Forks
L- Wake Forest
R- New Hope Church Rd

Route 25L - Triangle Town Center
Heading towards Wakemed North
From Triangle Town Center
R- Sumner
L- Capital
L- Spring Forest
L- 401N
L- Perry Creek
Resume Route

You may call 919-485-RIDE (7433) for immediate assistance.

Public Hearing Notice

GoRaleigh is holding a public hearing regarding upcoming service changes for January 2019. The public hearing will be held during the Raleigh Transit Authority board meeting in Council Chambers (222 W. Hargett St, Raleigh) on Thursday, December 13, 2018, at 4:00 p.m.

As a result of the Wake Transit Plan, GoRaleigh is extending service in southeast and northwest Raleigh. Plans specifically include proposals to realign southeast Raleigh routes 18 and 19 and northwest Raleigh route 4. Service in southeast Raleigh would be extended along Poole, Barwell and Rock Quarry roads. Service in northwest Raleigh would be added along Edwards Mill and Blue Ridge roads.

For the southeast Raleigh details click here. For the northwest Raleigh details click here. To read the bus plan for Wake County which includes these proposals, visit GoForward.

If you cannot attend the public hearing, you may call 919-996-3942 or email us.

Detours: Fellowship 5k Race | Milburnie Rd. Area | Saturday, Dec. 15 | 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Race Route - The race begins at the Fellowship Raleigh sign on Lord Berkley Road, turning left on Lord Ashley Road, right on Bertie Road, left on Chatham Lane, left on Derby Dr., right on Culpepper, right on Stevens Road left on Chatham Lane, left on Glascock St., left on N. King Charles Road, finish back at Fellowship Raleigh.

O/B to I/B – From Milburnie Road, RIGHT on Raleigh Blvd., RIGHT on Oakwood Ave., resume inbound route.

Missed Stops -

O/B to I/B – 8503, 8504, 9462, 8505, 8506, 8507, 8509, 9719, 8510, 8511, 8512, 8513, 8514, 8515, 8516, 8517.

Detours: Construction Closure | Route 10 | Monday, Nov. 26 - until further notice

Beginning Monday, November 26th, 2018, Culpepper Lane and Milburnie Road from King Charles Road to Chatham Lane, will be closed for an extended period for road work.

#10 Longview
O/B – From Glascock St., continue straight to the end of Glascock St., RIGHT on Chatham Lane, cross Milburnie Road, resume route.
I/B – Regular route inbound.

Missed Stops –

#10 Longview –

O/B – 9719, 8510, 8511, 8512.

Courtesy Stop Locations
** Glascock St. @ Culpepper Lane
** Glascock St. @ Caspan St.
** Glascock St. @ Donnelly Road
** Chatham Lane @ Milburnie Road

Service Change: Route 7 Park and Ride Service Ending | Beginning Thursday, Nov. 1

#7 South Saunders Street route will NO LONGER service the Old K-Mart park and ride lot.

The #7L has a timed connection with both #7 buses outbound and inbound.
Departs from inside GRS: Platform A

Operator and rider details:

L on Martin Street
R on Blount Street
R on Davie
L on Dawson St. which becomes South Saunders St.
L on Pecan Rd. (to connection point with 7L)
R on Wilmington St.
Continue and merges onto S. Saunders St.
Right on Purser to Walmart bus stop and EOL
Right on Rupert Dr
Left on Garner Station, cross (Hwy 401) to
Continue on Mechanical Blvd, cross (Hwy 70)
And make an immediate
L on service road by Waffle House
Cross Center Drive and Sherwee Drive
Go past BoJangles
L on Chapanoke Road
R on South Saunders
Follow South Saunders Northbound
R on Illeagnes
L on Wilmington
L on Pecan (connection Point)
R on South Saunders
Bear right which becomes McDowell Street
R on Hargett Street
R into GRS

If continuing to a route facing northbound (Hargett St.)
From McDowell Street, Right on Martin Street to GRS

Detours: Construction Closure | Capital Blvd./Wade Ave. Area | Oct 8, 2018-Spring 2019

The Wade Ave. ramps from northbound Capital Blvd. to Wade Ave. west, AND the ramp from Wade Ave. east to northbound Capital Blvd. is closed for construction of new ramps and demolition of the old bridge.

#2 Falls of Neuse
O/B – From Peace St., RIGHT on Glenwood Ave., resume route.
I/B – Regular route inbound.

Missed Stops –

#2 Falls of Neuse –

Detours: Construction Closure | Maywood Ave. Area | UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Maywood Ave. CLOSED from Herring St. to Lake Wheeler Road for construction work. Unknown duration.

#21 Caraleigh
O/B – From Maywood Ave., RIGHT on Herring St., LEFT on Mercury St, RIGHT on Lake Wheeler Rd., resume route.

Missed Stops –

#21 Caraleigh –
O/B – 8834, 8835.

Detours: Construction on Route 10 Longview | Booker Rd | Until further notice

Closure – Booker Road from Hill St. to Milburnie Road will be closed for demolition work on Washington Terrace, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017 until further notice.

#10 – Longview
O/B – From Hill St., continue to Milburnie Road, resume regular route. We will make 2 courtesy stops, one on Hill St. at Booker St., the other on Milburnie Road at Booker St.
I/B – Resume Normal Regular Inbound routing on Oakwood Ave., construction completed.

Missed Stops –

# 10 Longview
O/B – 8500, 8501, 8502.

Courtesy stops at Hill & Booker and Milburnie & Booker.

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