Budget and Management Services Department

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The Budget and Management Services Department coordinates the effective and efficient allocation of city resources in line with strategic priorities. The department supports the City Council, City Manager and City departments as they provide quality public services to Raleigh residents. The department provides facilitative leadership in the following areas:

  1. Development and execution of the City’s annual operating and capital budgets;
  2. Citywide strategic plan development and implementation, which includes performance measurement and benchmarking;
  3. Conducts ongoing program and policy analyses to inform Council and executive decisions; and
  4. Citywide grants program administration.

FY 2020 Adopted Budget

City Council adopted the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget and Fiscal Year 2019-2024 Capital Improvement Program during the June 10 City Council Budget Work Session.

The adopted budget outlines City expenditure recommendations for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019 and ending June 30, 2020.

The City's capital improvement program includes major facility and equipment needs, establishes capital priorities, estimates fiscal resources, and schedules the development of funded projects spanning Fiscal Year 2020 through Fiscal Year 2024.

Strategic Planning and Performance Management

Citywide Strategic Planning and Performance Management is also a responsibility of the Budget and Management Services Department. The City’s Strategic Plan, first adopted in April 2015, and scheduled for regular updates, articulates key focus areas and strategic objectives and initiatives to guide the City’s efforts. Performance measures are developed and monitored to support implementation efforts as well as to guide decision making and allocation of city resources. Program Manager: Monica Chaparro

Contact Information

919-996-4270 | email
Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 W. Hargett St. - 3rd Floor
Director: Mary Vigue

Operating Budget

The Office of Management and Budget prepares and manages the annual operating budget and capital improvement program for the City, as well as conducts research and analysis in the areas of improving operational efficiency and cost effectiveness, performance measures, organizational structure and processes. Program Manager: Amber Smith

Capital Improvement Program

Capital improvement programming is one element in the city's long-term planning process. It is a bridge between the city's Comprehensive Plan and short-term planning for infrastructure and operations. The city's capital improvement program analyzes major facility and equipment needs, establishes priorities, estimates fiscal resources, and schedules the development of funded projects.

Adopted FY20 Capital Improvement Program: Download

Grant Management

The Grants Management program serves to strengthen the coordination of all City grant activities from grant application through grant closing. The program is a collaboration between the Budget & Management Services and Finance Departments. Program Manager: Kirsten Larson

Annual Grants Reports
FY 2017-2018
FY 2016-2017
FY 2015-2016
FY 2014-2015 - Browse | Download
FY 2013-2014
FY 2012-2013

Grant Opportunities

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