Threat of Flooding Continues

Last updated Sep. 17, 2018 - 12:14 pm
flood threat

As of 11:30 a.m. Monday, September 17:

Flash flooding still a threat and significant river flooding will continue through the week.

Three Key Points:

  1. Raleigh area has received 8" - 10" of rain so far.

  2. Raleigh will see up to an additional inch of additional rainfall today.

  3. Moderate to major river flooding into next week, especially across southern and eastern N.C.

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Forecast Rainfall Amounts/Flooding Threat


The Raleigh area could see 5 - 8 inches of rain during this event. During rainstorms like this, flooding is expected in flood-prone areas, like the floodplains of Crabtree Creek and Walnut Creek. Major storms also can overwhelm the City’s stormwater system when too much water is flowing through stormwater pipes at one time. This can lead to pipe failures that may impact roadways, properties, and the stormwater system. In situations like this, flooding cannot be completely prevented. Please have a safety plan in place and get to higher ground if needed.

  • Residents can sign up for Water Alerts through US Geological Survey to monitor the stream levels near their home.

  • Residents can view a flood map. By turning on the “floodplain” layer residents can see if their property is in the floodplain, which is an area directly surrounding a stream or creek that is naturally expected to flood.

  • Get updates in real-time for estimated flooding impacts during the storm. The map provides current conditions, forecasts, and risk.

Repeat Flooding Locations in Raleigh:

View this flooding locations map to see areas that are likely to flood during a major rain storm, like a hurricane. Most of this flooding occurs along the floodplain. This area directly surrounding a creek bank is expected to flood.

You can also see where the City of Raleigh monitors stream levels and rainfall. We monitor 14 different stream locations throughout the city to determine flooding impacts and the need for road closures.

You may also see flooding when the stormwater system is overwhelmed by the amount of rain that we receive. In both cases, have a safety plan in place and do not drive through standing water. In an emergency, call 911.

Repeat Flooding Locations Map

Given this type of storm, you may experience flooding beyond what’s on this map. If you live in the floodplain (noted in blue and pink), please make plans ahead of the storm if need be.

What to do if you have a dam on your property (info from North Carolina Dam Safety)

Inspect the dam to make sure that there is no debris of any kind blocking the dam’s spillway system. If there is debris, clear it ahead of the storm.

Reduce the water level within the dam at a rate of about 1 foot per day to allow for additional storage upstream of the dam.

Follow your dam’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) if needed.

IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, make regular observations regarding the conditions at the dam both during and after the storm. If there is an emergency, please call 911.

Parking Decks: Remove Cars from Floodplains
Citizens in areas of potential flooding for vehicle storage, the following decks will be made available beginning at noon through 6 a.m. Monday morning without charge:

  • City Center/RedHat
  • Moore Square
  • Wilmington Street Station
  • Municipal

The understanding is that vehicles will be brought in and not taken out prior to Friday night at the earliest. The decks might be staffed Thursday and Friday until 10 p.m. and they would be expected to pay if leaving prior to Friday night. After 10 p.m. Friday, gates will be up until Monday morning.

City Department Updates

Solid Waste Services:

  • Yard Waste Center
    • Resume normal operations Monday September 17. Accepting commercial & residential yard waste debris.
    • Tipping fees for City of Raleigh residential customers waived immediately until Monday 1 October 2018.
  • Trash & Recycling
    • Resume operations for Trash & Recycling Monday September 17.
      • Collecting Friday routes on Monday.
      • Prepared to address possible missed pickups from Thursday.
      • Anticipate return to normal schedule for trash and recycling routes Tuesday September 18.
  • Yard Waste (YW) Pick-up
    • Resume normal operations Tuesday 18 September 2018.
    • “No limit” until Friday October 5 on residential YW amounts prepared properly in accordance with preparation guidelines.
  • Bulk Collection
    • Bulky services suspended until further notice to support emergency storm debris removal.
    • Resume normal operation of Community Oriented Government services on Monday September 17.
  • Special Loads (Excessive Bulk and White Goods)
    • Suspended until further notice in support of emergency storm debris removal.
  • Cart Deliveries
    • Resume normal operations Monday September 17.
  • Commercial Business District (CBD)
    • Resume normal operations of CBD at 2 p.m. on September 15.

Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources Update:
Most PRCR facilities will resume regular operating hours and programming on Monday. A few sites will remain closed until power is restored. Please call the site before visiting.

Lake Wheeler and Lake Johnson parks will be open but not offering waterfront operations, boat rentals, or private boat launches.

Greenway trails remain closed and some park trails will also be closed on Monday. In accordance with our normal policies:

  • CAPS, TOPS, Before/Afterschool will NOT operate.
  • Trackout WILL operate on the regular schedule.
  • Weatherbound will operate 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. at Abbotts Creek, Jaycee, Chavis, and Green Road.

For more details, visit our Parks Status page.

GoRaleigh Service Update:
GoRaleigh will resume normal service tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 15). We will publish any necessary detours as bus drivers navigate the safety of routes.

You may also call our regional customer service center at 919-485-RIDE (7433).

For updates on GoRaleigh bus service, call 919-485-RIDE (7433) or visit our Transit page or the GoRaleigh site.

Development Services:
Message to Raleigh Residents: After the storm, please visit our Development Services page to download our After the Storm FAQ to help you navigate any storm damage to your home.

The Development Services Department will have very limited service availability on Friday, September 14. Please call to inquire if the services you need are available prior to arriving.

  • Development Services Customer Service Center (One Exchange Plaza, 4th floor): 919-996-2500
  • Litchford Road Satellite Office (8320 Litchford Road, Suite 130): 919-996-4200

Customer Care and Billing Alert:
Due to inclement weather, the City of Raleigh Customer Care and Billing Call Center will be addressing only 'emergency inquiries' until 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, September 18.

All billing inquiries may be addressed via our Web Self-Service Portal or by emailing us at

The City of Raleigh apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. No additional late fees, interest or service disconnections will result from this temporary closure.

The Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts Box Office:
The box office will be closed Friday, September 14, 2018 due to the possibility of inclement weather associated with Hurricane Florence. If you have any further questions please contact

Florence via (embed)

Damaging tropical storm-force winds are likely along portions of Central North Carolina. Damaging winds could also spread well inland into portions of the Carolinas and Virginia.

Impacts to the Raleigh Area - English

Impacts to the Raleigh Area - English

Dangerous Hurricane Florence to Bring Life Threatening Impacts to Central NC - Wind and Flooding Rain Threats

Impactos en el área de Raleigh - Español

Impactos en el área de Raleigh - Español

Peligroso Huracán Florence traerá impactos amenazantes a la vida a NC central - Impactos de lluvia e inundaciones.

Messages Regarding Hurricane Preparations

Hurricane Florence Interactive Maps

Hurricane Florence Incident Map:

We are mapping locations of non-emergency incidents such as flooding, debris, closed roads, non-working signals, so we can inform everyone of areas to avoid or places where they should proceed with caution.

Please call us at 919-996-2999 to report an incident.

View the interactive non-emergency incidents map.

Repeat Flooding Locations Map:

We created a flooding locations map to show areas that are likely to flood during a major rain storm, like a hurricane. Most of this flooding occurs along the floodplain. This area directly surrounding a creek bank is expected to flood.

View the flooding locations map.

Event Cancellations, Closures and Notices

*Note: This is not an exhaustive list. If you were planning to attend an event or meeting over the next few days, please contact the event organizer.

  • Convention and Performing Arts Complex - Postponed/Canceled Events

  • Raleigh Convention and Performing Arts Complex

    • CED Tech Conference (was Sept. 12-13; will reschedule, early 2019)
    • N.C. Association for the Education of Young Children 65th Anniversary Conference (was Sept. 12-15; will reschedule)
    • Downtown Raleigh Home Show (was Sept. 14-16; no reschedule dates to announce)
    • Equipovision (was Sept. 16; no reschedule date to announce)
    • ACEC/NC/NCDOT Joint Transportation Conference (was Sept. 18; rescheduled for Dec. 19-20)

  • Red Hat Amphitheater

    • 4U: A Symphonic Celebration of Prince {was, Sept. 13; rescheduled to Oct. 8}

  • Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

    • CAROLINA BALLET performances of Firebird are canceled Thursday, September 13 - Sunday, September 16. Visit for more information.
    • NC SYMPHONY concert Music of Queen on Saturday, September 15 has been rescheduled to March 22, 2019. Visit for more information.
    • THEATRE RALEIGH performance of Once canceled Thursday, September 13 - Sunday, September 16. Visit for more information.
    • The UNCG Fundraiser event scheduled on 9/17 in the Betty Ray McCain Art Gallery hasbeen canceled due to inclement weather.

      *Attendees are encouraged to check with individual host organizations for additional event updates.
  • City Planning - The Sir Walter Raleigh Awards ceremony scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 13 is postponed. The ceremony will be rescheduled and a make-up date will be announced as soon as details have been arranged.

  • Housing and Neighborhoods - The Neighborhood Exchange Conference is cancelled.

  • Environmental Advisory Board - Due to the impending threats of Hurricane Florence. The September Environmental Advisory Board Meeting has been cancelled. The next meeting is scheduled for October 11, 2018.

Road Closures

*Note: This is not an exhaustive list. We will post these road closures as we are made aware.

  • Clark Avenue - will close at 6 p.m. on Sept. 11 to prepare for potential impacts from Hurricane more on the Clark Avenue closure

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

Remember: A land-falling hurricane is still dangerous regardless of its category.

Avoid Being a Victim of a Scam

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence there may be individuals who will attempt to take advantage of residents and business owners. Please watch for and report potential fraud from scam artists and identity thieves to the North Carolina Attorney General’s office by calling toll-free at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM within the state or by filing a consumer complaint online.

For a list of types of fraud or fraudulent schemes to look out for after a severe weather event visit the North Carolina Department of Justice’s website.

Learn more from award-winning journalist, Alicia Doyle, who has covered a range of human interest topics including ways to stay safe during post-disaster fraud and scams.

Alicia’s top five scams to lookout for:

  1. Be wary of charity scams
  2. Robocall scams related to insurance and premiums
  3. Debris clean up and removal scams
  4. Remodeling, Repairman and Storm Chasers Scams
  5. Scams that lead to identity theft

Learn more from Alicia about how scams work and ways to protect yourself.

Three tips for finding the right contractor:

  1. Don’t rush
  2. Perform your due diligence
  3. Understand your role in the process

Learn more about how to avoid a home improvement scam.


Contact Information:

The City of Raleigh has a non-emergency number. Please call this number for any issues that arise due to the storm that are NOT life threatening.
Non-emergency: 919-996-2999

In cases of emergency, you can call 911. The general rule: Dial 911 any time there’s a threat to life or property - such as an accident, a crime, a fire or a medical emergency
Emergency: 911

Ways to Stay Informed:

If a hurricane is approaching, the City of Raleigh will provide information here on the website. In addition, information will be sent to area media outlets to help keep people informed.

Sign up for alerts with MyRaleigh Subscriptions. This Service from the City will be able to provide citizens with better service and access to relevant, critical information by proactively delivering new information through email and wireless alerts.

The City of Raleigh will also be updating its Twitter feed: @RaleighGov. This feed features links to any news releases and alerts issued by the City of Raleigh.

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