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Last updated Dec. 14, 2018 - 4:44 pm

Please check back regularly to see updates, changes and detours to GoRaleigh bus service.

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O/B- Outbound
I/B- Inbound
E/B- Eastbound
W/B- Westbound
- GoRaleigh Station
RCC- Raleigh Convention Center

Detours: Fellowship 5k Race | Milburnie Rd. Area | Saturday, Dec. 15 | 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Race Route - The race begins at the Fellowship Raleigh sign on Lord Berkley Road, turning left on Lord Ashley Road, right on Bertie Road, left on Chatham Lane, left on Derby Dr., right on Culpepper, right on Stevens Road left on Chatham Lane, left on Glascock St., left on N. King Charles Road, finish back at Fellowship Raleigh.

O/B to I/B – From Milburnie Road, RIGHT on Raleigh Blvd., RIGHT on Oakwood Ave., resume inbound route.

Missed Stops -

O/B to I/B – 8503, 8504, 9462, 8505, 8506, 8507, 8509, 9719, 8510, 8511, 8512, 8513, 8514, 8515, 8516, 8517.

New GoRaleigh Services Announced

GoRaleigh is begins new services starting on January 6, 2019.

As a result of the Wake Transit Plan, GoRaleigh is extending service in southeast and northwest Raleigh. Plans specifically include realigning southeast Raleigh routes 18 and 19 and northwest Raleigh route 4. Service in southeast Raleigh would be extended along Poole, Barwell and Rock Quarry roads. Service in northwest Raleigh would be added along Edwards Mill and Blue Ridge roads.

For the southeast Raleigh details click here. For the northwest Raleigh details click here. To read the bus plan for Wake County, visit GoForward.

Questions about the new route? Call 919-996-3942 or email us.

First Night Raleigh Park and Ride Services

Celebrate the New Year with GoRaleigh and First Night Raleigh!

Park and ride right into downtown to enjoy all of the New Year's Eve fun! GoRaleigh makes it easy for you to get to First Night Raleigh 2018 festivities!

Shuttles run from 5 p.m. - 1 a.m., with service every 30 minutes. Regular fares apply - $1.25 one-way or $2.50 round trip.

​​​​NCSU Park & Ride Lot
Oval Drive & Initiative Way (off of Centennial Blvd), Raleigh

North Raleigh's Triangle Town Center Mall
5959 Triangle Town Boulevard, Raleigh

Downtown pick-up and drop-off:
Morgan Street and Wilmington Street

Going earlier in the day? Take any GoRaleigh route that goes into downtown

Visit First Night Raleigh for event information.

Detours: Construction Closure | Route 10 | Monday, Nov. 26 - until further notice

Beginning Monday, November 26th, 2018, Culpepper Lane and Milburnie Road from King Charles Road to Chatham Lane, will be closed for an extended period for road work.

#10 Longview
O/B – From Glascock St., continue straight to the end of Glascock St., RIGHT on Chatham Lane, cross Milburnie Road, resume route.
I/B – Regular route inbound.

Missed Stops –

#10 Longview –

O/B – 9719, 8510, 8511, 8512.

Courtesy Stop Locations
** Glascock St. @ Culpepper Lane
** Glascock St. @ Caspan St.
** Glascock St. @ Donnelly Road
** Chatham Lane @ Milburnie Road

Detours: Construction Closure | Capital Blvd./Wade Ave. Area | Oct 8, 2018-Spring 2019

The Wade Ave. ramps from northbound Capital Blvd. to Wade Ave. west, AND the ramp from Wade Ave. east to northbound Capital Blvd. is closed for construction of new ramps and demolition of the old bridge.

#2 Falls of Neuse
O/B – From Peace St., RIGHT on Glenwood Ave., resume route.
I/B – Regular route inbound.

Missed Stops –

#2 Falls of Neuse –

Detours: Construction Closure | Maywood Ave. Area | UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Maywood Ave. CLOSED from Herring St. to Lake Wheeler Road for construction work. Unknown duration.

#21 Caraleigh
O/B – From Maywood Ave., RIGHT on Herring St., LEFT on Mercury St, RIGHT on Lake Wheeler Rd., resume route.

Missed Stops –

#21 Caraleigh –
O/B – 8834, 8835.

Detours: Construction on Route 10 Longview | Booker Rd | Until further notice

Closure – Booker Road from Hill St. to Milburnie Road will be closed for demolition work on Washington Terrace, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017 until further notice.

#10 – Longview
O/B – From Hill St., continue to Milburnie Road, resume regular route. We will make 2 courtesy stops, one on Hill St. at Booker St., the other on Milburnie Road at Booker St.
I/B – Resume Normal Regular Inbound routing on Oakwood Ave., construction completed.

Missed Stops –

# 10 Longview
O/B – 8500, 8501, 8502.

Courtesy stops at Hill & Booker and Milburnie & Booker.

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