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The Office of the City Manager is the administrative center of the City of Raleigh organization. In addition to the coordination and oversight of activities of all City Departments, the Office of the City Manager also provides direct staff assistance to City Council members, including the Mayor, and Council committees. The Office of the City Manager also leads the financial and budget management process for the City and directs the City's efforts to plan for the future. Staff members perform research, suggest public policy development and direction for City Council and evaluate potential public programs.

General Department Oversight

Contact Information

919-996-3070 | email
Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 W. Hargett St. - 2nd Floor

Office of Sustainability


The City of Raleigh Office of Sustainability develops programs, projects, and ideas for reducing our environmental impact, while being financial stewards of taxpayer dollars, improving the quality of life for all residents.

Learn more about Office of Sustainability

Community Relations


The Community Relations Administrator, Sharon Banks, resolves issues raised by citizens regarding City services and processes.

Office of Emergency Management & Special Events


Emergency Management provides a comprehensive approach to preparing for, responding to, recovering from and mitigating the affects of emergencies and disasters.

The Special Events Office provides a single point of contact for event management and compliance, overseeing all aspects of special events that use the public right-of-way.

Emergency Management and Special Events Manager: Derrick Remer

Office of Economic Development

Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development
( provides various business programs, resources to help facilitate Startups and Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and promote Business Advocacy.
Economic Development Manager: Veronica Creech

Office of Internal Audit

Internal Audit logo

The mission of the Office of Internal Audit is to promote efficient, effective, and accountable city government. The office conducts financial, operational and compliance audits of all City departments, divisions and programs. Administratively, the Internal Audit Manager reports to the City Manager.  Internal Audit Manager Martin Petherbridge.

Mission and Vision Statements

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Mission Statement:

To build a stable platform of evolving services for our community through which we champion positive and sustainable growth and realize visionary ideas for all.

Vision Statement:

To pursue world-class quality of life by actively collaborating with our community towards a fulfilling and inspired future for all.

Organizational Values

Values help define who we are – it gives us a broad perspective that helps us guide our work and really brings us together as a complete organization.” - Ruffin Hall

Ruffin Hall, city manager, identified organizational values as something very important to him and our organization. He brought the topic forward to his management team and together they set forth to better define who we are from a values perspective. The team, made up of department directors, assistant city managers, and many others, met with a consultant and through a very creative and rigorous process, developed this set of 8 Organizational Values:

RESPONSIVENESS – Committing to timely and thoughtful customer service – With the advancement of technology, we are available to the public 24 hours a day. The potential well-being of our community depends on the availability of good information. With a focus on customer service we emphasize timely communication in public safety and other critical services. Improving communication tools in social media addresses the needs of our employees and our infrastructure.

INTEGRITY – Being fair and equitable – We expect employees to be responsible for their actions both professionally and personally and will do the right thing at all times. Our employees are committed to equity and fairness. We interact with our public, our elected officials, and with one another with sincerity. We reinforce this value throughout our organization.

RESPECT – Honoring other perspectives and appreciating different views – Working with humility, honor, and dignity helps foster goodwill and partnership with our residents. There is a strong spirit of mutual appreciation that exists among staff and departments. Building on this foundation, we diversify our workforce so that the community can see themselves in our efforts and initiatives.

COLLABORATION – Encouraging partnerships and information sharing – By incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences, we increase our likelihood of success. Inclusion of multiple viewpoints allows for information sharing across departments and throughout the City. Having established partnerships with residents, stakeholders, and other government agencies enhances the way we deliver on our services, major projects, and long range planning efforts. We extend the way we communicate with our community, hear their concerns, and address the pressing needs of our growing community.

HONESTY – Remaining true to our actions – In order to promote credibility and trust with the public, we are transparent, accountable, and fair. Being responsible for our actions, even when in error, is a part of our culture. We garner more credibility with our residents and fellow staff if we are more open about the challenges we face with each project initiative.

DIVERSITY – Including multiple perspectives, unique ideas, and a cross-section of people – Our community is ever changing. People from all over the world are coming to Raleigh and calling this their home. With multiple backgrounds, our community has a wide range of ideas, needs, and priorities. In order to accurately represent the broad range of perspectives, we aim to build a team that mirrors our residents. Our work is benefited from incorporation of varying experiences and diverse voices.

STEWARDSHIP – Being accountable and responsible for our work – In order to maintain public trust, we operate with accountability and responsibility. Our thoughtful management of fiscal, environmental, and physical resources demonstrates our commitment to excellence. As we look to the future, we aim to use new metrics and data analysis to help us improve the way we engage with the public, provide core services, and share our information externally.

INITIATIVE – Empowering problem solving, seeking new opportunities – Living in a dynamic community requires that we have a team that feels empowered to take on challenges and seek new opportunities for productivity. Having a proactive approach to problem solving enables creativity and fosters new ideas. We take actions in many areas of our work that help streamline processes and provide clarity about vision and goals. Leadership encourages those employees who demonstrate positive energy and drive.

Strategic Plan Key Focus Areas

Strategic Plan Key Focus Areas:

On April 14, 2015, City Council adopted the Strategic Plan which includes six key focus areas:

  • A Safe, Vibrant and Healthy Community
  • Transportation and Transit
  • Economic Development and Innovation
  • Arts and Cultural Resources
  • Growth and Natural Resources
  • Organizational Excellence

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