Oberlin Road Streetscape Project

Last updated Feb. 26, 2018 - 4:24 pm
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completed
  • Streetscape
  • 2.37 Million
  • Roadway Design and Construction (Lead)
  • Clarknexsen

Current Activity

Posted Monday, Feb. 26

The project is in the early design phase. The design consultant (Clarknexsen) is completing surveys and collecting data along the corridor. A project schedule will be posted once the surveys are completed.


The Oberlin Road Streetscape project focuses on improvements to the pedestrian realm from Bedford Avenue to Groveland Avenue. The proposed project includes:

  • Installation of improved sidewalks;
  • Improved pedestrian crossings
  • Street trees;
  • Street lighting;
  • Street benches and bike racks; and,
  • Improvements to overhead utilities in support of the streetscape.

Changes to the allocation of street space and a road diet are not under consideration as a part of this project.


The Wade/Oberlin Small Area Plan of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan recognized Oberlin Road as the “main street” of the area emphasizing the need to more fully integrate pedestrian, bike, auto, and transit uses into a well-landscaped and attractive streetscape that serves people of all abilities.

The Oberlin Road Streetscape Plan was adopted by City Council on January 6, 2015. The plan focuses on improving the sidewalk environment.

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