Storm Drain Marking Volunteer Program

Last updated Feb. 06, 2019 - 9:29 am
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Did you know that the catch basins and storm drains that run along our curb and gutters collect rainwater?

When rainwater runs off the ground and is collected in the storm drains, it becomes stormwater. As stormwater flows along the streets, it collects oil, grease, debris, and other pollutants...then this water flows into the gutters and directly to the nearest stream or lake.

This stormwater does not go to the treatment plants to get cleaned!

It is a very common misconception that stormwater is treated before it reaches streams and lakes.

Many residents pour oil, paint, cigarette butts, yard waste, and other pollutants right into the storm drains because they think this water get cleaned before finding its way to the Neuse River. Unfortunately, that's not how it works and storm drains become a large source of pollution.

You can help protect our waterways by gluing storm drain markers to the tops of catch basins in your neighborhood! These plastic disks are about the size of a CD and can be glued down in a just a few seconds. The Stormwater Management Division will provide you with the markers, safety vests, glue, and gloves for your project. Field Data Sheet and a neighborhood map will also be provided so you can keep track of how many storm drains have been marked.

Sign up to be a Volunteer

Volunteers can now sign up online for the Stream Monitoring Program, Adopt-a-Stream Program, and Storm Drain Marking Program.

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For Volunteer Groups:

All volunteers are requested to be at least 10 years of age and should be supervised by one or more adults. Stormwater Utility staff asks volunteer groups to notify them at least 2 weeks in advance of a planned volunteer activity to ensure enough supplies are available for each group. All materials for the drain marking program are provided and funded by the City's Stormwater Management Division.

For questions, please contact the Stormwater Volunteer Coordinator or the Stormwater Management Division at 919-996-3940.

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